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Matt Taibbi Drops More Information on the ‘Twitter Files’ and Exposes an Attempted Cover-Up

Matt Taibbi, who authored the first release of the infamous “Twitter Files,” is back for round two. Or at least he’s back to provide a supplement to round one while round two is still being worked on.

According to Taibbi, James Baker, who was general counsel for Twitter and a former top-level FBI official, inserted himself into the disclosure in an attempt to “vet” the files that were ultimately released. Elon Musk was not notified of Baker playing middle-man.

As RedState reported, Baker was fired on Tuesday, and with Taibbi’s latest thread, we now know why. I normally try to not flood my articles with long strings of multiple tweets in a row, but it’s important to get all the information out there.

As Taibbi notes, the next installment of the “Twitter Files” is being led by controversial (as in she makes the right people upset) reporter Bari Weiss. Apparently, while she was working on her part of the effort, she discovered that someone on the backend was curating what was being released. When she inquired about who it was, she discovered it was none other than James Baker.

Baker is a name many people who read RedState will likely recall. He was at the center of the Steele Dossier and was part of the FBI regime that tried to bring down Donald Trump via the “Russian collusion” hoax. Naturally, he left that post to take a high-paying job as chief counsel for Twitter because government hacks who toe the line always have a path to the private sector.

It appears that Baker was trying to mitigate the damage of the “Twitter Files” with some kind of attempted cover-up. According to Musk, his explanation wasn’t satisfactory, and that led to his ouster. With Baker gone, the release of the files should now continue unabated. I have a feeling Weiss is going to produce something really good with her research.

  • Juan says:

    Musk should sue the piece of commie trash, what he was doing is no different than industrial espionage.

  • Russ says:

    Baker and his ilk are a cancer on our society. As humans our tendency is to trust our fellow man. Slimy, corrupt bastards like Baker destroy that trust. The FBI has become a cesspool of these crooks. Only 14 agents have the integrity to come forward and report the criminal activity within the Bureau. That leaves thousands without integrity that are enforcing laws based on partisan political concerns rather than fairly protecting us.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    Baker was the FBI lawyer who was in cahoots w/ Strzok, Page, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and the rest who ALL deserve nothing less than a bullet in the head. FIND THEM. KILL THEM. DONE!

  • John says:

    Tons and tons of documented proof of fake investigations, fake accusations, fake arrest, communist Democrat cover-ups, massive voter fraud, fake rigged voting machines, & corrupted communist 3 letter demonic facist N.W.O elitist pedophile protecting agencies, WITH PLANNED ACTS OF HIGH TREASON & WAR CRIMES AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS, and also propaganda fake news manipulation of the media and the American people who are stupid enough to believe it, yet not one of these demons have been killed yet for high treason and war crimes using communist propaganda and bio weapons Democrat and communist Chinese lab created death viruses vaccines and boosters equaling an attack of planned Forceed genocide on every man woman child and baby in this country. Since the new America of walked up demons want to be cowards that’s all allow them to be killed by the demons they support or by confronting Real Americans and we’ll take care of the N.W.O gov OF Democrat domestic terrorist demons ourself when these Antichrist demons think they’re going to forcefully silence Our Truth and our ability to protect our constitution country and our families

  • melissa says:

    Time to organize the “American Mossad”



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