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Massive Trucker Convoy Called ‘Take Our Border Back’ Is Headed to Border

U.S. Rep. Keith Self (R-TX) told Fox News that the upcoming “Take Our Border Back” trucker protest is expected to draw upwards of 700,000 vehicles.

The convoy is expected to draw truckers and other protesters from across the country, with meetups starting as early as Monday, January 29. According to the event website, organizers are calling on “all active & retired law enforcement and military, Veterans, Mama Bears, elected officials, business owners, ranchers, truckers, bikers, media and LAW ABIDING, freedom-loving Americans” to participate in a “peaceful assembly and prayer.”

Protesters are expected to visit the critical border crossing of Eagle Pass, Texas, where Lonestar State officials are currently engaged in a standoff with the federal government over border security measures. Additional border points in San Ysidro, California and Yuma, Arizona are also set as destination points for demonstrators.

While speaking with Fox News earlier this week, Rep. Self revealed that organizers are expecting upwards of 700,000 vehicles to participate in the convoy. “Well, the people that have organized this are the same people that went to California to D.C. with the truckers,” he said, referencing trucker convoys that were launched in protest of COVID-era vaccine mandates.

“I understand we’re going to be joined by Canadian truckers. So these people are committed to a peaceful demonstration that we’ve had enough.”

“The American people have had enough. We’re demanding that the Biden administration do its job, enforce the laws on the books and secure our border,” the freshman congressman continued.

“Eight million people during the Biden Administration? That’s more than the population of Ohio. This is the time for us to rise up as the American people and demand that our president do his job. This should be a peaceful movement of the American people joined by other nations if they want to come.”

Self went on to say that the convoy has been inspired by Canada’s Freedom Convoy protests, which were launched in protest of the nation’s strict vaccine mandates.

Similar demonstrations have been observed in Europe in protest of climate change regulations that farmers say will cripple their livelihoods.

On Monday, protesters will begin to gather as far away as Jacksonville, Florida and Virginia Beach before making their way to the border. Organizers have stressed that the event will be entirely peaceful and geared towards raising awareness on the border crisis.

  • Patricia Flynn says:

    Praying that you have safe travels

  • chasbo says:

    It ain’t going to be “massive”. It’s off to a slow start, according to reports.



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