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Massive Explosion Hits FBI Training Facility, Leaving 16 Injured

More than a dozen FBI SWAT team members were hospitalized on Wednesday after an explosion at a bureau training center in Southern California.

What exactly happened at the Orange County shooting range was unknown early Thursday, but numerous local media outlets reported a blast occurred around 1 p.m.

KTLA-TV reported the FBI agents were training at the Jerry Crowe Regional Tactical Training Facility in the city of Irvine when a canister exploded.

The SWAT officers were engaged in an annual joint exercise with members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad when the explosion occurred.

The size of the blast was not reported.

Of 16 SWAT team members who were injured, 15 of them were taken to area hospitals by ambulance. Another person made it to a hospital on their own.

“We do have two members of our SWAT Team who are cross-trained as paramedics and they were able to provide assistance immediately,” authorities said, according to KTLA.

Symptoms included back and leg injuries and sensory issues. One person required surgery.

Thirteen of those who were injured reported feeling dizzy and/or experiencing ringing in their ears, KTLA reported.

A helicopter from KCAL-TV flew over the facility, which is on the grounds of a former U.S. Marine Corps base, after the explosion.

The network shared footage that showed a fortified structure surrounded by heavy equipment and several vehicles.

Yellow caution tape had been placed around a permitter near the building.

No signs of a large explosion were visible from the KCAL news chopper.

KTLA reported the FBI and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department were investigating the incident.

Irvine is a few miles northeast of Newport Beach and about 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

  • jay says:

    I don’t like a standing military like we have with our police force in America.

    But I also don’t like seeing people hurt for no reason.

    I suspect it was an internal failure. Something stored incorrectly that exploded.

    They will spin it to not make themselves look dumb.

  • Oscar D Blum says:

    Mostly peaceful practice.

  • One says:

    Two words: FALSE FLAG. Conservatives/Christians don’t do this bullcrap. Only the Left/Dems do. So, since all the alphabet agencies are part of the Left – who would do this? NO ONE!

    Two more words: BULL SHIT!



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