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Manufactured Evidence Planted to Frame Proud Boys Defendants, Defense Alleges

The most damning piece of evidence in the trial of five members of the Proud Boys was created by the U.S. intelligence community and planted on defendant Enrique Tarrio to frame him and others for alleged Jan. 6 crimes, an explosive defense motion alleges.

Filed on Feb. 10 by an attorney for Proud Boys defendant Dominic Pezzola, the motion asks U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly to declare a mistrial due to “outrageous government misconduct.”

The controversy surrounds a document titled “1776 Returns” that federal prosecutors contend is a blueprint for the Proud Boys to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. That document was messaged to Tarrio, although defense attorneys say there is no evidence he opened, read, or forwarded it.

“It appears that the government itself is the author of the most incriminating and damning document in this case, which was mysteriously sent at government request to Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio immediately prior to January 6 in order to frame or implicate Tarrio in a government-created scheme to storm buildings around the Capitol,” defense attorney Roger Roots wrote in a seven-page document filed with the court.

Charged in the case are Tarrio, Pezzola, Zachary Rehl, Ethan Nordean, and Joseph Biggs. The Proud Boys defendants are on trial in the U.S. District Court in Washington, accused of seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to obstruct official proceedings, obstruction of official proceedings, and conspiracy to prevent certain federal officers from performing their duties on January 6. Tarrio, Rehl, Nordean, and Biggs face nine criminal counts, while Pezzola is charged with 10.

The trial is about to enter its fifth week in Kelly’s courtroom.

On Feb. 9, FBI Special Agent Peter Dubrowski testified that the “1776 Returns” document was sent to Tarrio on the messenger chat app Telegram by Erika Flores, an “erstwhile romantic interest,” on or around Dec. 29, 2020.

The PDF document describes plans to “Storm the Winter Palace,” a reference to the Russian revolution in 1917. Assistant U.S. Attorney Conor Mulroe elicited testimony from Dubrowski that the document described a plan to “lay siege to Capitol Hill by strategically occupying most of the congressional office space around the Capitol,” the motion stated.

A member of the U.S. intelligence community testified before the now-defunct January 6 House Select Committee that portions of “1776 Returns” were taken from a document he authored in August or September 2020 to map out possible scenarios if there were chaos surrounding the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Samuel Armes, who has done work for the U.S. State Department and the Special Operations Command, located at MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa, Florida, told the Select Committee he gave Flores a copy of his war game scenario document. He testified that he first met Flores in an online cryptocurrency group in 2017.

Armes testified that at the University of South Florida, he had been “groomed to join the CIA and FBI.” He told the Select Committee that he did not write “1776 Returns,” but some of his war-game document was included in it.

  • Michael says:

    The fbi fabricated and sent evidence they created to frame the people they wanted targeted for crimes they didn’t commit . No one should be surprised it’s not the first time nor even the tenth time they have done crap like this . Fabricating incriminating evidence to prosecute people is just part of their corrupt SOP . They are the tools and enforcers of a corrupt political enterprise . And they are very selective as to who and how they carry out that enforcement .

  • For sure says:

    So typical of these left handed Bastards. Everything they have blamed or deflected is their own actions. Hypocrits have no heart soul or direction from God. Lucifer compells them. And they are certainly consumed by Evil. This is why We are in the End days. Prophecy proves exactly where we are at this moment in our existence. The Bible explains it. Im a sinner but i am a beleiver. That is what differs, sinners and true loser sinners. I know the leftist demons are outnumbered severely. Hellfire and brimstone will become them.

  • Christopher Dukes says:

    Now ask yourself who is the real enemy of America. The government’s participants should be arrested and held with no bond until their trial. I don’t believe politicians in these illegal premeditated crime are entitled to impunity because they are politicians or high ranking government officials.



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