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Man Sentenced to 4 Months in Prison for Leaving Twine Noose on Floor Scrubber

A 66-year-old former Oriental Trading Company employee in Nebraska has been sentenced to four months in prison for leaving a twine noose on a floor scrubber.
The prosecution claimed that Bruce Quinn left the noose on the equipment, knowing it would be used by a black employee.

In September, Quinn pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights violation.

“Federal courts have long recognized the noose as one of the most vile symbols in American history,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division in a statement to ABC News. “Individuals, like this defendant, who use a noose to convey a threat of violence at a workplace will be held accountable for their actions.”

The family and friends of Keith Kirksey, the victim of the small twine noose, told local station WOWT that four months wasn’t enough.

“I thought it was rather light,” said friend Donald Robinson. “I also feel with the climate that’s been going on all across the world a greater message needs to be sent.”

The family claims that the incident put them through “traumatic stress.”

“It put my family through traumatic stress due to the fact that Keith is one of my younger brothers,” said the victim’s sister Jacqueline Y. Kirksey. “Living in the state of Nebraska I never thought I would have to experience something like my brother went through, due to the fact that it is now 2022. And it made me think of Willie Brown, Emmett Till. I thought we were beyond that however today proved that we’re not.”

Another friend said that they wanted a “greater message sent.”

“I thought it was rather light,” said friend Donald Robinson. “I also feel with the climate that’s been going on all across the world a greater message needs to be sent.”

According to the report, the judge told Quinn that “what you did quite frankly was to terrorize Mr. Kirksey.”

In addition to the four months in prison, Quinn will also have one year of supervised release.

Quinn had no prior criminal history.

  • ron says:

    A Federal Civil rights violation ?? What a frigging joke our Federal Govt has become. This kind of crap is an Attempt to Stifle free speech, and other freedoms. Too much Ass kissing in our Fed. government. Approving some things as Hate crimes” instead of regular crimes, was the first step in controlling speech. Look where we are at now, with Internet censoring, and he Govt turns a blind Eye to it.

  • Michael says:

    Fake outrage ,fake trauma , to hide behind and tout their empty victimhood . But no matter how many Asians, Hispanic’s or Whites are attacked beaten and even murdered it’s never racism or a hate crime if the person doing it is Black . So called hate crimes are very, very selectively charged and enforced .

  • william g munson says:

    But you can burn US flag and burn down a business or Car nothing to see here move On Period

  • Snickers says:

    I’m so incredibly SICK of these STINKING BLACK FOLK!!! you know, if I look out over history of the last several months, (post “Floyd”) and think about the HUGE amount of CRIMES THE BLACKS HAVE CAUSED (noticed I didn’t say white ppl here) but BLACKS!! BLM hoax, looting, stealing, crimes against businesses, killing raping, burning down cities… The list could go on and on and on here, what happened to them,? Oh, that’s right, the vice president POS collected donations to get their filthy black nasty asses out of the slammer. So, to see this man show his frustration by making a tiny noose, seriously?? Let me tell you, this is NOTHING in comparison to the literal storm of rage people feel over black folk and what all other colors would love to seen done to them. So keep pulling the black card, black folk, cause soon enough…. What goes around comes around and if it were me, I’d be worried, but again, that’s just me….. Go get a job, quit having kids, educate yourselves, stop being the THUGS that you are, GET OFF ALL THE GOVERNMENT HAND OUTS, and QUIT SUCKING THE MONEY OUT OF THOSE OF US THAT ARE THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF YOU!!!! In other words….. Act like decent “humans’ and shut your mouths already about discrimination and oppression, we’re not taking the BULL$HIT anymore , nothing happened to you that didn’t happen to the rest of us, your owed NOTHING! So go make something of yourselves! SMH….



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