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Major Bank Accused of Discriminating Against Conservatives

U.S. attorneys general are calling out Bank of America’s alleged “discriminatory behavior” in a penned letter that condemns the de-banking efforts targeting customers for their religious and political beliefs.

Indiana’s Todd Rokita, one of 15 U.S. attorneys general who signed the letter obtained by Fox News Digital, criticized the discriminatory “pattern” taking corporate America by storm.

“It’s this idea that their own political views, they’re going to foist on the rest of us, or they’re simply cowards and can’t stand up to the socialist pressure that’s being put on them,” Rokita expressed during his appearance on “FOX & Friends First” on Wednesday.

“You can’t just pick and choose. It’s kind of also some of the basis of our discrimination laws,” he continued.

Timothy of Two Project International founder Steve Curtis detailed the experience that his organization had with Bank of America.

The organization, which requires international travel, focuses on training pastors who may not have access to formal education.

Curtis told “FOX & Friends First” co-host Todd Piro that the organization received a letter in 2020 from the bank that said their account would be restricted in 21 days, and completely closed in 30 days.

“We had people all over the world,” Curtis stressed.

“We travel a lot and we need these cards in the field. And so, it had the potential to be very disruptive for us,” he continued.

Curtis said the bank failed to provide a reason other than the organization was “engaged in a type of business that they had chosen not to service.” He went on to mention that they still “don’t know anything as to the why.”

“When you swipe a credit card or put a credit card in an ATM, you expect it to be processed because that’s the arrangement you have with the bank. And in late 2020, Bank of America told us they weren’t going to do that anymore,” Curtis explained.

Rokita argued that alleged actions of one of America’s top banks are the reason why antitrust laws exist across the U.S.

“What they’re doing here is very discriminatory and smacks of, although free speech is just to the government. It’s the same kind of thing, especially with a company that’s big, that can have so much control over so many people,” the attorney general said.

Bank of America denied the claims in a statement, saying, “Religious beliefs are not a factor in any account-closing decision. We are proud to provide banking services to non-profit organizations affiliated with diverse faith communities throughout the United States.”

  • Michael says:

    I don’t understand these corporations. If Democraps ultimately get their “socialist utopia,” do they really think they will be wealthy anymore?



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