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Lori Vallow Learns Punishment for Murdering Her Children, Husband’s First Wife

Lori Vallow was sentenced Monday to life in prison without the possibility of parole on five separate counts for murdering two of her children and conspiring to murder her husband’s first wife in 2019.

An Idaho jury in May found Vallow, 50, guilty of multiple counts, including two counts of first-degree murder, for the 2019 disappearances and deaths of 7-year-old J.J. Vallow and 16-year-old Tylee Ryan, allegedly with help from her husband, Chad Daybell. Vallow also conspired to kill Tammy Daybell, Chad’s first wife, in October 2019.

“You removed your children from their home in Arizona, alienated them from friends and family … and you brought them here to murder them. You had so many other options. … You chose the most evil and destructive path possible,” Judge Steven Boyce said Monday. “I don’t think to this day you have any remorse for the effort and heartache you caused.”

He added that her crimes are “heinous and egregious.”

Vallow has already spent more than 1,200 days in local jail prior to her sentencing without any issues with other inmates, Boyce said.

“You do have mental health issues,” he added. Her current diagnosis from February states that Vallow suffers from a “delusional disorder” mixed with “hyper-religiosity” and a “continuous and unspecified personality disorder” with narcissistic features.

J.J. and Tylee were found in shallow graves on Chad Daybell’s Rexburg, Idaho, property in June 2020, months after they disappeared from their home in September 2019. The 16-year-old’s remains were burned while the 7-year-old was bound in duct tape.

“J.J. and Tylee could have been [with] us, living happy lives. Instead, she took all that away, all because she is a money-hungry, power-mongering monster,” Kay Woodcock, J.J.’s grandmother, said in a Monday statement read aloud in court.

Prosecutors Rob Wood and Lindsey Blake said in May that they were “very pleased” by the verdict in Lori Vallow’s trial.

“We told you this was about money, power and sex. We talked about religion, but this was not about religion. This was about money, power and sex,” Wood said in his closing statements.

Vallow and Daybell met in 2018 at the Preparing a People conference, where they bonded over their apocalyptic religious beliefs and shared the idea that they had been married in a past life, as FOX 10 Phoenix first reported.

They referred to each other as Biblical figures named James and Elena and discussed their beliefs that people can have light or dark spirits – some so dark that they could be considered zombies who needed to be removed from Earth, prosecutors said, according to FOX 10.

“You are not exalted beings, and your behavior makes you ineligible to be one,” Tammy Daybell’s sister, Samantha Gwilliam, said in a Monday statement read aloud in court. She added that Chad was an “average guy” who made Vallow feel “special and singled out.”

“You tell yourself that you were high spiritual beings who would live together through time. You felt powerful. This, too, is a lie,” she continued, speaking directly to Vallow. “… You are a liar, an adulteress and a murderer. Because of the choices you made, my family lost a beloved mother, sister, aunt and daughter. She is irreplaceable. She is one thousand times the woman you will ever dream of being.”

Meanwhile, Vallow’s defense team attempted to push blame on Daybell in their closing statements, saying that Vallow “spent her whole life protecting her children.”

“Lori wants to tell you how much she loves Jesus. … But is she a leader or follower? She’s not leading anyone. She’s a follower of Chad,” defense attorney Jim Archibald said in closing statements. “She thinks Chad is a follower of Jesus. But he’s not. He’s a follower of the storm.”

While J.J. and Tylee were missing in 2019, and directly after Tammy’s death, Vallow and Daybell married in Hawaii in November of that year.

Months later, in June 2020, Idaho authorities located J.J. and Tylee’s remains buried on Daybell’s rural Rexburg property.

The Ada County coroner testified that J.J. died of asphyxiation by a plastic bag and Tylee died of homicide by unknown means due to the fact that her remains were dismembered and badly burned before they were buried.

“Tylee, J.J. and Tammy can’t tell us what happened. But their bodies do,” Wood said in his closing arguments.

Vallow was also found guilty of grand theft after she collected J.J.’s and Tylee’s Social Security benefits – allegedly with help from Daybell – between Oct. 1, 2019, and Jan. 22, 2020, after their murders.

Authorities arrested Vallow in February 2020 and Daybell in June 2020. Vallow and Daybell were initially scheduled to have a joint trial, but Vallow refused to waive her right to a speedy trial while Daybell did not.

Daybell has yet to face trial for his charges in connection with the murders of Tylee, J.J. and Tammy Daybell.

He and Lori Vallow were indicted in late May 2021 on multiple counts each of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and grand theft by deception, and first-degree murder related to the deaths of Tylee, J.J. and Tammy Daybell, officials announced at the time.

Arizona officials in June 2021 also indicted Vallow in the July 2019 murder of her ex-husband, Charles Vallow. Vallow’s brother, Alex Cox, allegedly shot Charles Vallow to death in Arizona, claiming self-defense. His death was ruled a homicide in 2021.

Vallow has two pending conspiracy-to-commit-murder cases out of Arizona.

  • Ruger1 says:

    So… The Good People, Taxpayer’s of Idaho, Have to Pay Too Keep This Animal Alive and Healthy for the Remainder of Her Worthless Life!!!!
    A $0.30 Hollow Point To Her Forehead Would Save the Taxpayer’s Thousands of Dollars!!!! That’s the Problem We Have.. We Don’t Put Enough of These Rabid Animal’s Down!!!!

    #FJB, His Handler’s and Everyone Who Voted for This Shit Show!!!!

  • Laurie says:

    Idaho along with Wyoming other Midwest states punish. Know the way for truth and facts. Convict them .

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    First: ‘Victim statements’ just INFURIATE me! There’s absolutely NO reason for them other than courtroom drama. When did they start this shit? I know it’s been going on for a couple of decades now, but – why? What purpose does is serve? ABSOLUTLEY NONE, except that family members and friends get their 15 minutes of fame at the mic. The perp doesn’t care what they say, anyhow. Again – what’s the purpose?

    Second: Why on Gods’ green earth would you allow ANYONE whose been convicted of a crime a statement, (or in this case – a novella), at sentencing? Unless they show remorse and want to relay that to the victims’ family, it serves no purpose. For a judge to sit there and allow such nonstop, incessant parrot-drivel is beyond my comprehension…

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