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‘Life’s Tough. Get a Helmet, Man’: Pregnant Candace Nails Answer to ‘Actively Victimizing’ Trans Students

During the Q&A portion of Candace Owens’ speaking event at the University at Albany earlier this week, a leftist in the crowd stood up and asked Owens what she would say to “the trans students on this campus who feel actively victimized by your presence here?”

Oh, boy.

As you might expect, Owens wasn’t having a bit of it — and her terse response brought down the house:

“Life’s tough. Get a helmet, man. I’m too pregnant for this. Next question,” she said in near disgust as cheers, applause, hoots, and hollers filled the room.

She continued: “My goodness, … somebody just give out free hugs. … I can’t be your mommy.”

Owens later posted on X in regard to her mic-drop moment that she’s “over 8 months pregnant with two toddlers at home. If you are a 20-year-old adult who feels ‘actively victimized’ by my standing on stage to speak about social and economic conservatism, it is because your parents failed you, entirely. It is not my job to coddle adults.”

She had more to say about the issue on her Wednesday podcast, noting that many students are spending tens of thousands of dollars to attend colleges “to be coddled.”

Numerous commenters on Owens’ YouTube page were solidly behind how she handled the Q&A:

“These students are not only ignorant, they are mean, rude, & disrespectful,” one commenter wrote. “It’s so hard to watch them spew their ignorance & abuse. Their parents should be ashamed. I’m so sorry, Candace. I don’t know how you find the strength to keep speaking at these events.”

“Candace has unlocked the ultimate response strategy to snowflakes: Send a pregnant conservative!” another commenter quipped. “The best Q and A ever.”

“Candace is setting the bar for how these interactions should be handled,” another commenter observed. “We’re over this whole ‘be nice to affirm your agenda’ mindset. It’s time we give these people a check of reality because that is what they desperately need.”

“I attend an Ivy League college, and most people are shocked to learn that MANY of the students lean conservative or moderate behind closed doors because the crazy woke students are always the ones doing or saying something ludicrous enough to go viral,” another commenter noted. “It’s like the old saying ’empty vessels make the most noise.'”

  • RetOwl says:

    I imagine she/he will expect our nation to pay for an over priced and most likely worthless diploma!

  • Nancy says:

    I have watched this video over & over & every time can’t stop laughing! What did they want her to do? I love Candace! She is quick on her comments & I love that! These kids need to get help!

  • Sue says:

    Love Love Candace

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