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Liberal Journalist Deceptively Edits Clip of Fox News Legal Expert

The liberal media loves to incessantly cover former and potentially future President Donald Trump’s legal battles, namely the New York trial over hush money payments. For some, that even means going for a dishonest take to make those who dare to point out the many criticisms of DA Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump. In Aaron Rupar’s case, he posted an edited clip of Fox News legal editor Kerri Kupec Urbahn to make it seem as if she was questioning why the payments to Stormy Daniels were problematic.

In sharing the 45-second-long clip, Rupar refers to Urbahn as “this woman,” claiming “here she is hopelessly confused about why using hush payments for election interference is problematic.” The clip ends with Urbahn pointing out: “So again, this just leaves us with, what is the problem exactly?”

In reality, the full clip of the exchange with John Roberts on “America Reports” is close to five minutes long. Rupar’s clip leaves out a key instrumental point, which is Urbahn’s more thorough argument beforehand focusing on the criminal aspect, or lack thereof.

“What is the crime? I sat there thinking I don’t know what the crime is,” Urbahn said, even after she herself had sat in the courtroom. “The former number three from DOJ was presenting opening arguments on behalf of the state–which was also very surprising by the way–he was saying this is election fraud pure and simple. I sat there thinking, ‘Well, what is election fraud exactly?’ Because one, entering into a nondisclosure agreement is not illegal. It’s not,” Urbahn said. “Whether it was a porn star, anyone else–maybe it is seedy, maybe it’s unseemly. But it’s not. Secondly, catch-and-kill schemes, which people in the media do, which is to buy the rights to the story and then choose not to publish it, they are also not illegal–so those are the kinds of things we are talking about in this case. I don’t understand what the problem is,” she continued.

The context of what’s included in Rupar’s clip then makes that much more sense.

Delving further into the legal aspect, including about payments Michael Cohen made, Urbahn pointed out that “now the state would say that was part of their elaborate cover-up. Again, what’s the cover-up? Because paying someone in return for an NDA is not illegal and then labeling it in a ledger as a legal expense, well, isn’t it a legal expense? What else would you say it is–other than the state I guess wants him to say ‘reimbursement for X, Y, and Z.’ But it’s also unclear and I think the defense team is arguing this, that Trump even knew how it was labeled in the book. Apparently, it was made by someone else–a lower-level associate at Trump Tower who was told to do so by her boss, so again this just leaves us with what is the problem exactly?”

This is hardly the first time that Rupar has turned to such deceptive tricks. As we covered in February, he edited a response from now-Republican Senate nominee Bernie Moreno on the pro-life issue so that it came off as significantly less substantive than it actually was.

In less than 24 hours, Rupar’s post has been viewed approximately 357,000 times. There have been 3,400 likes of people approving of Rupar’s take on Urbahn’s analysis, and as many of the 235 replies show, all too happy to think of her as just some dumb conservative woman brought on for her looks rather than area of expertise. Fox News is also an easy target, though it’s a lazy move that Rupar went for her.

  • Zeus Papadopoulos says:

    Someone please explain the crime to me. 1) A NDA was signed. 2) Paid for with personal funds. 3) What part of this has anything to do with election interference? Right – nothing. There is no crime. There never was a crime. The truth will shine, like a beacon. Trump will be vindicated. Those that are a part of this scam will be held accountable, by the appeals courts. Trump will sue each and every one of them – and win. You think NYC and State are cash strapped, now. You wait until Trump and his army of lawyers are done with them. That is an inevitable fact.



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