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Left-Wing Journalist Pens Apology Letter After Major Jan. 6 Revelation – ‘I Am So Sorry’

There are apologies that are not apologies.

You can spot a non-apology when it uses words like “mistakes were made,” or “If I offended anyone …” or “that’s not who I am.” You know language like that is not an apology.

Then there’s a real apology. Like the “full-throated apology” of leftist Naomi Wolf, regretting being “duped” by the false narrative regarding the Capitol incursion of Jan. 6, 2021.

Essentially, Tucker Carlson’s airing of raw footage from the breach of the U.S. Capitol prompted her change of heart.

And she realized “there is no way to avoid this moment. The formal letter of apology.”

“I made mistakes in judgment,” wrote Wolf — who is a liberal progressive feminist author, journalist and former political advisor to Al Gore and Bill Clinton — in her online “Outspoken” column.

But she didn’t use that as an excuse, as her apology continued with, “[t]hese mistakes, multiplied by the tens of thousands and millions on the part of people just like me, hurt millions of other people like you all, in existential ways.”

And she was specific in the “you all” to whom she was apologizing – “Conservatives, Republicans, MAGA: I am so sorry.”

That was an apology.

And grace demands its acceptance.

Especially in that Wolf’s mea culpa is undergirded by several thousand words of specifically how she and other Jan. 6 narrative believers failed.

She noted how former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was in charge of Capitol Police on Jan. 6, 2021, despite claims of “misinformation” by alleged fact-checkers.

Wolf decried the multi-million dollar January 6 Committee labeling former President Trump as a terrorist and Republicans “by association as ‘insurrectionists,’ or as insurrectionists’ sympathizers and fellow-travelers.”

Outlining other events underscoring her apology was the blaming of those entering the Capitol as having killed Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who was determined to have died not at the hands of rioters at the Capitol, but of natural causes two days after the event.

“There is no way to unsee Officer Brian Sicknick … alive in at least one section of the newly released video,” she said.

Wolf was critical of both Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, and House Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, for not saying the video Carlson presented was false.

Rather, Schumer said it was “shameful” for Fox to show it, Wolf wrote, and McConnell stated it was “a mistake” to stray from the official position of the Capitol Police chief.

Yet, Wolf disagreed with Carlson’s description of the Jan. 6 event as “mostly peaceful chaos.”

“But you don’t have to agree with Mr. Carlson’s interpretation of the videos, to believe, as I do, that he engaged in valuable journalism simply by airing the footage that was leaked to him,” she said.

“And remember, by law that footage belongs to us – it is a public record, and all public records literally belong to the American people. ‘In a democracy, records belong to the people,’ explains the National Archives” Wolf wrote.

She also noted the hypocrisy of leftists praising Daniel Ellsberg for leaking the “Pentagon Papers” critical of the Vietnam War and published in The New York Times in 1971 while being critical of Carlson for his “airing of video material of national significance that the current government would prefer to keep hidden.”

“You don’t have to agree with Mr Carlson’s interpretation of the videos, to conclude that the Democrats in leadership, for their own part, have cherry-picked, hyped, spun, and in some ways appear to have lied about, aspects of January 6, turning a tragedy for the nation into a politicized talking point aimed at discrediting half of our electorate,” according to Wolf.

She wrote that one cannot “un-hear” former Capitol Police officer Tarik Johnson telling Carlson how he received no direction when, terrified, he contacted his superiors to find out what to do as the Capitol was being breached.

Commented Wolf: “There is always a security chain of command in the Capitol, at the Rayburn Building, at the White House, of course, and so on, which is part of a rock-solid ‘security plan.’”

“The fact that so much confusion in security practice took place on January 6 is hard to understand,” Wolf wrote, since Washington’s security protocols mean an incursion like what occurred “can never happen.”

Regarding so-called “Q-Anon Shaman” Jacob Chansley, who can be seen on the newly released videos receiving friendly escort by Capitol Police, “the barbaric nature of his appearance was so illustrative of exactly the message that Democrats in leadership wished to send about the event – that I am not surprised to see that his path to the center of events was not blocked but was apparently facilitated by Capitol Police.”

Chansley was “escorted to the beating heart of the action, where his image could be memorialized by a battery of cameras forever.”

Having studied history and the theatrics of history, Wolf said the placement of Chansley did not surprise her.

In her apology, Wolf noted that despite security concerns, the White House and Capitol are public buildings and are, for the most part, open to the people.

“Massing peacefully at the Capitol and other public buildings, is part of our rights and inheritance as citizens, and this use of our First Amendment right to assemble has a long history.

“… The Capitol is not a sealed space exclusively for legislators, but it is one that is supposed to welcome the public in an orderly way.”

According to Wolf: “I must say that I am sorry for believing the dominant legacy-media “narrative” pretty completely from the time it was rolled out, without asking questions.”

While those who engaged in violence at the Capitol must be held accountable, those who misrepresented the event must also be held accountable, she said.

“Jan. 6 has become, as the DNC intended it to become, after the fact, a ‘third rail;’ a shorthand used to dismiss or criminalize an entire population and political point of view.

“Peaceful Republicans and conservatives as a whole have been demonized by the story told by Democrats in leadership of what happened that day.

“So half of the country has been tarred by association, and is now in many quarters presumed to consist of chaotic berserkers, anti-democratic rabble, and violent upstarts, whose sole goal is the murder of our democracy.

“Republicans, conservatives, I am sorry.”

Wolf also said she’s become skeptical of establishment media stories on the Hunter Biden laptop, the Trump-Russia collusion claim, and that Trump instigated a riot at the Capitol.

She’s even called into question her dislike of Trump, since she says she’s been lied to about him for so long.

“I am sorry the nation was damaged by so much untruth issued by those with whom I identified at the time.

“I am sorry my former ‘tribe’ is angry at a journalist for engaging in —- journalism.

“I am sorry I believed so much nonsense.

“Though it is no doubt too little, too late —

“Conservatives, Republicans, MAGA:

“I am so sorry.”

  • JB says:

    Her mistake was starting down a path rubbing elbows with Clinton and Gore. They latched on. Now she needs to keep reporting what she has learned and make sure her voice is heard.

  • Nanny says:




  • Curseofthemudgeon says:

    Dr. Wolff has more spine than most, and much more certainly than those who continue to slither through the sewage with smiles on their faces, and pseudosactimonius mandacity emesed from their gullets, right Mr. Ryan? I beg Dr. Wolff be careful – she may have just turned herself into a target for the Schumer Stasi.

  • Dave Menard says:

    i am heartened & gladified that she finally sees thru the demoNrat cartel lies & evil agenda to destroy Donald Trumps’ life & presidency. the ongoing 8 year demoNrat war on potus Trump should’ve wakened her loong ago. America hopes she’ll become pro America instead of pro demoNrat.

  • angrybill says:

    Thank you Naomi. Your words have the unmistakable ring of truth and for that I sincerely thank you. Please continue to speak of your disquiet publicly, particularly so naming mane of those who have so demonized all of us who identify as Republicans, Trump supporters, et al.

    It’s time that the world at large recognized that those of us who so identify love our Constitution, and our country. It is not we Patriots, who are harming America, rather it is those liberals who are busily ripping the fabric of America to shreds. Busily denigrating our love of God. Calling is terrorists for believing in the rule of law, calling parents who question the actions of local school boards, domestic terrorists.

    If you really wish to atone for what you did then use the power of your pen to call every liberal to task for what they did to the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. Never let them rest bu calling them out every time you see them misbehave.

    Thank you for what you do. I sincerely hope you never stop doing it.



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