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LA Drivers Take Decisive Action Against Pro-Palestine Protesters After They Shut Down Freeway

Ordinary citizens have had enough of leftist pro-Hamas protesters disrupting their daily lives and are now taking matters into their own hands.

One large group of agitators certainly got more than they bargained for in Los Angeles Wednesday morning.

As ABC 7 News reported, far-left protesters held an illegal demonstration on the busy 110 freeway to demand Israel cease their perfectly appropriate offensive in the Gaza Strip. This, of course, is precisely what Hamas wants.

The protest on the freeway began shortly after 9 a.m., bringing traffic to a standstill for a few hours in downtown LA.

In the video below, you can see hordes of protesters stretch out across the whole freeway, link arms, and prevent cars from going by.


The people responsible for this madness belong to a George Soros-funded group called IfNotNow. This is an allegedly “Jewish” group that falsely claims the Israeli government is guilty of genocide against the people of Gaza.

Footage captured by KCAL News shows that two school buses full of little children were stuck on the freeway thanks to the agitators’ selfish actions. One could argue that child endangerment charges should be brought against these thugs.

LA motorists were not going to take this disgusting behavior lying down while the cops were not around. Some exited their vehicles and started attacking the terror sympathizers.

In the video below, one man can be seen slamming a pro-Hamas thug to the ground, and others manage to remove some of the vile agitators off the road.


Here is a somewhat less violent video showing more fed-up citizens. One starts pushing around the agitators while another revs his motorcycle to intimidate them.

Police eventually arrived to restore order and even ordered the media away. Then, they began arresting people around 10 a.m. Pacific.

ABC 7 Los Angeles reported that 75 agitators were taken into custody by California Highway Patrol and all lanes to SB 1100 have been reopened.

One can hope this decisive response from hardworking citizens represents a turning point against lawless protesting. Right now, too many leftist loons believe they can get away with anything.

  • Tim Reding says:

    A few tear gas canisters would have moved them out quickly.



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