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Kohl’s Now Facing Target-Style Boycott Over LGBTQ+ Clothing for Babies

Kohl’s is the latest retailer to face criticism for offering LGBTQ+ apparel for infants, sparking outrage and calls for a boycott.

The department store’s onesies, featuring the LGBTQ+ pride flag, have drawn backlash from shoppers who claim the company is catering to the Woke crowd.

Kohl’s, which has already seen its stock shares decline by almost half in 2022, now faces a similar backlash as Bud Light and Target.

One Twitter account summed up the sentiment by stating, “Looks like another company needing Bud-lighting!”

The controversy emerged as social media users shared their disappointment with Kohl’s for selling LGBTQ+ onesies both online and in stores. The apparel, designed specifically for Pride Month in June, prompted a wave of negative feedback.

The criticism gained momentum when popular Twitter account ‘End Wokeness’ condemned the LGBTQ+ onesies for infants, highlighting that Kohl’s apparently failed to learn from the backlash faced by Bud Light and Target.

The controversy spread further when YouTuber ‘Twisted Luck Truth’ posted a video criticizing Kohl’s in-store merchandise, which was subsequently removed from TikTok.

Among the featured items was a t-shirt displaying the message “BELONG BELIEVE BE PROUD” accompanied by a silhouette of Mickey Mouse. Conservative influencer Benny Johnson questioned why Kohl’s would sell “Pride Merch” for three-month-old babies.

On the other hand, a liberal content creator defended Kohl’s, urging the company to stand its ground and keep its pride collection.

“Kohl’s please stand your ground and keep your pride collection. I’m sick of gun hungry bigots acting like not being straight is killing kids, when we all know what happens EVERY F***ING DAY IN THIS COUNTRY.”

This controversy occurs amidst ongoing boycott attempts against various brands that have shown support for the LGBTQ+ community, with critics interpreting it as an extension of Woke ideology. Notably, Bud Light recently faced a significant market value loss of nearly $16 billion after the backlash against its campaign featuring transgender figure Dylan Mulvaney.

Target, another company affected by similar boycotts, removed some of its controversial Pride collection items but emphasized its continued commitment to LGBTQ+ causes. Target has incurred a loss of $10 billion in market valuation in the wake of a growing backlash to its Pride-themed clothing line for children.

  • We’re canceling our Kohls credit cards, and won’t patronize their stores either. You see, LGBTQ is just a branch of the woke ideology tree, along with Communism, anti-Constitutionalism, anti-God, Satanism, anti-Semitism, and Racism. The whole woke movement is a fraud, with Black Lives Matter corrupt scum leading the way. 4% of the population has no right to push their lifestyle on the other 96%. And any company, including Kohls, that tries this crap on our children, should be severely punished, boycotted, and shunned… Here’s a movement worth starting: CHAP, or Constitutional Heterosexual American Patriots. Eat that, Biden creeps.

  • A. Wilk says:

    I think one by one, the big conglomerate companies will be doing this. They want to overload us with their agenda in our entire life until we cave. They want to test us to see just how far we’ll go while we cut ourselves off from retail stores giving us our daily needs. I say, we must stand firm with our rejection of their evilness. They have absolutely no power without us and will be destroyed if we stand firm in our conviction, integrity and higher values, and sanity/reality. Pray that God inspires patriot million/billionaires or even less affluent individuals to start retail stores giving us our alternative. Patriot Americans must once again become entrepreneurs and build up America into her greatness! Let’s pray to God to give us the resources necessary and do our own rebuilding of America into our vision of prosperity, liberty, freedom, justice and unlimited opportunity! Let’s make America stronger and more patriotic than before. Let’s inspire all nations to do the same. God bless and protect America, the American patriots and America’s victory in the Light of God that never fails!

  • Jericho says:

    How does a child know its gay? Its mommy says so.

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