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Kenyan Girls’ High School Temporarily Shuts Down Due to Outbreak of Mysterious Illness

St. Theresa’s Eregi Girls High School in Kakamega County, Kenya, has been temporarily closed following an outbreak of a mysterious illness that has left more than 95 students hospitalized.

The disease is characterized by paralysis in the limbs, rendering most of the students unable to walk.

The school administration, in consultation with government officials, has decided to send Form One (Grade 7), Form Two (Grade 8), and Form Three (Grade 9) students home until further assessments are made.

Blood samples from the affected students have been sent to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) for analysis, according to Kenyan news outlet Tuko.

Based on the videos circulating on social media, most of the students are suffering from some sort of mystery illness that causes paralysis in their legs, making it difficult for them to walk. Some reports have attributed the incident to “mass hysteria.”


The situation at St. Theresa’s Eregi Girls High School reached a critical point when students demanded to go home due to the outbreak.

The school administration initially reported at least 80 students hospitalized but later confirmed that the number had risen to more than 95. The County Government of Kakamega stated that only Form Four students would remain in school as the rest break for a week. The students will return once the situation is assessed and measures are put in place to prevent a recurrence of a similar situation.

Blood samples from the affected students have been sent to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) laboratories in Nairobi and Kisumu for analysis. The exact nature of the mysterious illness remains undisclosed, but health officials are working diligently to determine the nature and origin of the ailment, as well as to develop appropriate treatment protocols, according to Kenyan website Star.

Sources privy to the situation told the Star that 30 students are admitted to Kakamega Level Five Hospitals, 20 to Shibwe Level Four Hospital and 12 to Iguhu Level Four Hospital.

A medic at Ihugu Hospital told the Star that initial laboratory tests had revealed that the students had elevated electrolytes, meaning that they had lost fluids.

Electrolytes are essential for basic life functioning, such as maintaining electrical neutrality in human body cells and generating and conducting action potentials in the nerves and muscles.

Prolonged or severe diarrhoea and sweating can result in the loss of electrolytes.

The cause of the mysterious illness affecting the students remains undetermined, but social media users are drawing connections to experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Liz Crokin, an award-winning author and seasoned journalist with over two decades of experience, noted on platform X, “Last year, the Kenya World Health Organization tweeted that students from this school were among those vaccinated for COVID-19 as part of a 10-day campaign.”

“Maybe there’s a connection or perhaps not. Either way, there’s media already pushing the narrative that it’s a case of “mass hysteria” which I find super sus regardless. Pray for these girls!” she concluded.

The tweet she referred to was from WHO last year.

  • W.H.O. SAYS YOUR DEAD says:

    Fauci and Gates testing their new concoction. I’m sure it will be arriving just in time for the election scam again. Get ready for further fraud and mandated Genocide Jabs.The Devilcrats have a blank check from China to do whatever it takes to prevent Trump from ever reigning over China ever again. This Regime of Biden’s all need to be exterminated from planet earth.

  • That Medical Advice doesn't make sense says:

    Who are these doctors making these claims? They are saying opposite of everything I’ve ever learned. When a person has chronic diarrhea, they LOSE electrolytes and no doubt all of us has experienced the side effects at least once in our lifetime – the CRAMPING of our finger joints, toe, charlie horse cramps of the legs are horrible. I’ve been admitted at least 3x for Electrolyte Imbalance, Depletion and they pushed IV’ fluids into the body and eventually the spasticity releases. Prior to that, grown adults are balled up in spastic cramps that are severely painful. I didn’t see any of those children in agonizing pain which is what ALL human beings would feel after chronic diarrhea and they would have Decreased Electrolytes. I’m not sure how ANY person can have chronic, severe diarrhea (as they stated) which we all know comes out in waves of fluid loss being expelled – – well then, how do they then have INCREASED fluids? That makes ZERO sense. Something is seriously amiss here – the article and basic healthcare/medical knowledge does not make sense. I have to wonder which Pharmaceutical Company has been there since the COVID “jab” in 2022 – have them been using those students as lab rats for any other pharmaceutical company – perhaps another “Booster” shot? The WHO, CDC, FDA and Big Pharm lost 100% of my trust and Millions are like me. What we have learned AFTER the fact is that everything they stated and professed to us that they had done = they lied 100%. They had not run any clinical trials in the USA. There was NOTHING scientific about 6′ distancing. There will never be nor was there ever, a shred of proof that any mask, N95 or handmade will prevent virus droplets. Masks DID cause more damage and they never could have worked as preventative – that was a total hoax. Big Pharm stated in 2020, that these “vaccines” would be 93 and 98% effective – in fact, were NOT tested so those #’s were BS and made up. It turns out that the “vaccine” never would protect people and it had a less than 20% effective rate – – it had the same effectiveness as drinking a glass of water! I wouldn’t trust ANYONE over in Kenya, I wouldn’t trust the Govt, the Hospitals – and some honest humanitarian group with integrity intact needs to go over and oversee these students care and confine them all together, review their past history, past medical history and figure out what they ALL are exposed to = – I’m wondering what is at the SCHOOL – – Any recent chemicals been applied in the classrooms, new roof, new insulation, new uniforms treated with new chemicals – – – The one thing they all have in common is spending numerous hours/day at the School. That would be the 1st place I’d shut down and quarantine. I don’t understand how their School Year runs, but IF like American Schools they just returned 5-8 weeks ago ~and that is when the symptoms began; then the problem is located somewhere within the School. Which charity or aid group is over there helping them – that’s my big concern. If it is Hillary Clinton or Bill Gates, get RID of them!!!

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