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Judge Rules on Hunter Biden’s Effort to Dismiss Gun Case Ahead of Trial

A federal judge on Friday denied Hunter Biden’s request to dismiss a gun case against him that his lawyers argue is politically motivated.

U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected all of Biden motions, which cited vindictive and selective prosecution, thereby moving the case forward to trial.

The son of President Biden is accused of lying about his drug use on a federal form when he bought a firearm in October 2018, a period when he has acknowledged struggling with addiction to crack cocaine.

He’s pleaded not guilty.

Hunter Biden has acknowledged his struggles with substance abuse during that period, but his lawyers have said he didn’t break the law and another nonviolent, first-time offender would not have been charged.

His lawyers have argued that prosecutors bowed to political pressure after an immunity provision from an original plea that fell apart was publicly pilloried by Republicans – including former President Trump – as a “sweetheart deal.” Prosecutors have denied the case is motivated by politics.

Noreika has not yet ruled on a challenge to the constitutionality of the gun charges.

The trial is penciled in for jury selection for the week of June 3.

In California, Biden is still heading toward a trial on June 20 on tax charges. Biden’s legal team in that case also plans to appeal a judge’s denial of a motion to dismiss the charges.

“Notice is hereby given that Robert Hunter Biden hereby appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit,” the court document giving notice of the interlocutory appeal states.

Biden is alleged to have participated in a four-year scheme to avoid paying $1.4 million in taxes while living an extravagant lifestyle.

The trial in that case is scheduled from late June until mid-July.

  • Patty says:

    Hunter will never see the inside of a jail cell! “Pops” won’t allow it! Hunter is raking in big bucks for the biden crime family, all his dirty deals are really paying off! Trump is bieng falsely accused of doing the same thing the biden’s are really doing! Yet, no trials or charges against them, other than the so called charges against hunter! He will skate Scott free!

  • DevilDawgPryde says:

    Speaking of selling secrets. One thing about the Bidens which needs a lot more conversation, especially from our journalists. The relationships between Hunter Biden and certain Chinese individuals, as well as the discovery of classified documents at Joe Biden’s residence and the Penn Biden Center, which have raised many questions. Questions the Media isn’t asking.
    These incidents involve complex issues of national security and political ethics. The involvement of Ye Jianming and Patrick Ho Chi Ping with Hunter Biden, and the payments made to him, have been scrutinized for potential conflicts of interest and national security implications. Additionally, the existence of an FBI task force, as mentioned by Senator Chuck Grassley, and the numerous FD-1023 reports filed on Hunter Biden, suggest ongoing investigations into these matters. However, the outcomes of these investigations and the details within the reports remain a subject of public and legal inquiry.
    What about Hunters’ relationships with those Chinese Spies Ye Jain Ming (Chairman Xi’s protege’) and Patrick Ho Chi Ping (Spy Chief of China according to Hunter) and those files found in Joe Bidens House and office at the Penn/Biden center. Speaking of mysterious classified documents found where they are not supposed to be and the safeguarding of TS/SCI/NOFORN. Top Secret, (not so) Secure Compartmentalized Information -w- No Foreign Access found in Joes home and office which Joe knew were there, which he admitted to his ghost writer along with Hunter living at the house and his relationship with CEFC executive officials like Ye Jain Ming and Patrick Ho Chi Ping. No matter what their relationship pertained too or involved, compromised him as well as Joe. They unexplainably paid him millions. I want to know why
    How about Hunter selling secrets to the Chinese?
    Also, what about that 40+ member FBI taskforce Sen Chuck Grassley mentioned months ago? What did their reports, report? Why isn’t the MSM all over it?



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