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Juan Williams Gives Impassioned Defense of Hunter Biden. Newt Gingrich Finishes Him in Five Words

Liberal “Fox News Sunday” contributor Juan Williams gave an impassioned defense of President Joe Biden’s embattled son Hunter — and the president as well — but former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich quickly settled the score.

Both Williams and Gingrich joined host Shannon Bream for the panel discussion portion of the Sunday morning show, and the temperature around the table quickly heated up when the topic turned to Hunter Biden.

“It’s a fact, Juan that there were $3 million dollars that has been disclosed that went to the Biden family from a Chinese billionaire.”


Williams began by acknowledging the younger Biden’s personal issues — particularly drugs and sex — and argued that despite the situation being less than optimal, the only thing he believed Joe Biden was truly guilty of was trying to help and protect his son.

“We know Hunter Biden’s an addict, we know he’s an alcoholic. We know he’s had sex addiction problems. We know he’s not the son you would have. But Joe Biden acted as a father trying to protect his son and trying to help his son. I don’t think anyone’s gonna fault him for that,” Williams said.

“But you compare that to the graft and the grifting from Trump golf courses, Trump hotels, Chinese shoe deals with the daughter, and the son-in-law getting billions from the Saudis. It’s unbelievable,” Williams continued, immediately pivoting to turn the attack on former President Donald Trump. “Even this week you have to compare it to the trouble we’ve heard about in New York with the sexual assault case against Trump. But this is what Hunter Biden has come down to now. He is a distraction, a shield against all the trouble that Trump is experiencing.”

Gingrich pushed back, arguing that the lucrative international business deals — to which multiple members of the Biden family, the president included, have been connected — should not be brushed aside so easily.

“There are facts. The widow of the Moscow mayor sent millions of dollars to Hunter Biden. He got money from Kazakhstan,” Gingrich replied. “He got money from Ukraine and served on a board about which he knew nothing. He got a lot of money from China and it’s a fact, Juan, that there were $3 million that has been disclosed that went to the Biden family from a Chinese billionaire.”

“Now you can decide that none of this stuff matters, but the fact is you have the Vice President of the United States taking his son on Air Force Two into China where his son is making business deals. And you just described his son. Your language, he’s a sex addict, he’s an alcoholic —” Gingrich continued.

Williams jumped back in then, asking, “Is that an attack on the president? He’s not the president! He’s the son! Nepotism is not a crime! You look at the nepotism in every president and every famous family but that’s not a crime.”

Bream interjected then, noting that members of both the Trump family and the Biden family had been the targets of accusations regarding nepotism, and asked whether a double standard might be in play.

“Look, I think you have a son, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter who might make some business deals. Newt describes this as millions flowing to the family. Kind of amorphous. But I know specifically of two billion dollars that went to Jared Kushner and nobody’s gonna argue about that,” Williams said again.

But Gingrich was not convinced, and he argued that based on Williams’ own description of Hunter Biden, no serious business was going to invest in him unless they thought they could use him to get something better: “They were investing in Joe.”

  • EZ says:

    another vaxed idiot…I am totally convinced those shots were tard shots. if wee couldn’t kill them with the disease, lets make them retarded

  • JuanToo3 says:

    The Saudis invested in Trump’s hotels and golf courses, Juan. Put that into your little coconut. Everything that the $B the Saudis gave to politicians that they respect (and like) is for investment, mostly into hotels, golf courses, theme parks, malls, etc. The Saudis gift money to their wives as marital bliss (10+ wives, not a joke, says Joe). They gift gold statues, jewelry, et to dignitaries they respect. The $2B to Jared Kushner didn’t go into his personal account. The Abraham Accord project has something to do with it. Hey, Juan stay with Fox as long as they can use you. Other inept liberal MSM doesn’t even want you. NPR might hire you back. Lol

  • A. Michaels says:

    If it comes out of Jaun’s mouth, you can bet your last dollar that it’s pure, unadulterated BS!

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