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Jim Jordan Reveals New Whistleblower from Fani Willis’ Office

Congress has subpoenaed records from Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis, but that wasn’t what got the crowd at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference riled up during a conversation between American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp and Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan.

Jordan, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, told Schlapp that his office had been in conversation with a whistleblower in Willis’ office — news that drew cheers and applause from those in attendance.

“There’s a whistleblower in her office who we have talked to, our, the committee staff,” Jordan said, and had to pause as the crowd noise interrupted him.

“The whistleblower — I think she’s like 4-foot-11 — but Fani Willis had seven police escort her out when she fired this lady, because this lady raised the concern that Ms. Willis was not spending federal funds — not following the grant, the rules of the grant and the grant dollars in the appropriate manner.

“So she raised this concern and then Fani Willis fired her,” Jordan said. “She’s now talking with our office. And we’ll see where that goes.”

Jordan explained that the information obtained from the whistleblower — identified by the Washington Examiner as former Fulton County District Attorney’s Office employee Amanda Timpson — led to his committee subpoenaing Willis for documents related to the grant.

Willis was supposed to have responded to that subpoena by Friday, when Jordan spoke at CPAC, but had not yet done so.

“We’ll see what we get,” Jordan said. “There’s still a few hours left in today.”

Jordan added that Willis had not been particularly cooperative with the House thus far in its investigation.

“Instead of accepting service on the subpoena,” he said, “she made us send the U.S. Marshal. Even though our office had talked with her office, we’d had correspondence back and forth, she made the U.S. Marshals take the subpoena there.

“So, go figure,” Jordan concluded. “This is Fani Willis, and we all saw her, I think, her attitude on display when she took the stand a few weeks ago.”

Jordan was referring to Willis’s Feb. 15 testimony in which she snapped at both the judge and opposing counsel on more than one occasion.

You can watch the exchange between Schlapp and Jordan below.

“Willis is currently facing unprecedented challenges from Trump and his co-defendants in the case over their allegations that she financially benefited from hiring special counsel Nathan Wade, with whom she was in a romantic relationship, to aid with her investigation into the former president,” the Examiner noted.

Wade’s former law partner, Terrence Bradley, will meet with Judge Scott McAfee in a closed-door session scheduled for Monday to review his previous testimony and numerous claims of attorney-client privilege during it.

Another hearing on whether or not to disqualify Willis from prosecuting the case has been scheduled for Friday, and McAfee could issue his ruling that day.

  • TD says:

    Willis and Wade need some prison time and their law license taken away, Also pay back the taxpayers the money they stole from them

  • eddie says:

    Judicial system is broken! The Judge will not side against the DA! Dems never eat their own! Time to wake up America!

  • Lady Goodness says:

    Will Democrats get away again with corruption, graft, and cover ups? Will they make it the Republican fault; that it is lies. Just like Hillary and Obama who interfered with the election citing fake Russia, Russia that Trump was involved in which he was not?

  • Jack in the Box says:

    Demo(ni)crat party : Fraud, scam, lies, ties to China CCP, persecution of one president, anti-American, embezzlement, corruption, murder, human trafficking, ties to mafia, false accusations, arrest all who is against them!
    Republican party (a few): Finding the truth, proving the truth, not persecuting, freedom for the people, freedom of speech.

  • Gary Lingle says:

    1/2 of white people are crooks all negros are. Sad, our country is a mess. No one cares what’s best for the country, they only care what is best for them. We Baby Boomers failed to “drag” our kids to church to teach them why we are here on Earth. Will they ever come to realize what they are missing? Time and war and pain and failure and lost lives will tell.



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