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Jeffrey Epstein Mentor Steven Hoffenberg Found Dead

Steven Hoffenberg, the disgraced businessman and longtime mentor of Jeffrey Epstein, was found dead Tuesday when Connecticut police discovered his rotting corpse during a wellness check, The Post has learned.

Authorities discovered Hoffenberg, who spent 18 years in prison for running a half-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, dead in his home around 8 p.m. Tuesday. It is not clear exactly when he died.

Police had been called to the 77-year-old’s home in Derby, Conn., at the request of a friend.

No cause of death has been revealed, but police said there were no immediate signs of trauma to his body.

“Every indication is that it is Mr. Hoffenberg,” a Derby Police Department spokesman said. “There’s nothing to suggest that it isn’t. We believe it’s him. We’re just waiting for dental records.”

In a statement posted to Facebook, police said the body was found “in a state where a visual identification could not be made.”

Hoffenberg, who was once Epstein’s boss, might have been the link to his mysterious fortune.

Hoffenberg had claimed that Epstein was his accomplice in a Ponzi scheme he ran through his Towers Financial Corp.

He pleaded guilty to the scheme in 1995 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. While Hoffenberg sat locked up, Epstein was allegedly raping teenage girls with the help of his now-convicted madam, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Tower investors have claimed in an August 2018 lawsuit that Epstein “knowingly and intentionally utilized funds he fraudulently diverted and obtained from this massive Ponzi scheme for his own personal use to support a lavish lifestyle.”

“He was my colleague daily, seven days a week,” he said of Epstein in a 2019 interview in Quartz.

Hoffenberg was briefly the court-appointed manager of The Post from January to March 1993, rescuing the newspaper from bankruptcy. The news was announced with an iconic Post cover that said “Last-minute deal saves The Paper…Hoffenberg Saves The Post,” calling him the paper’s “white knight.”

But the staff ultimately rebelled against Hoffenberg, and the paper was briefly handed over to Abe Hirschfeld before being bought for a second time by Rupert Murdoch, the current owner.

A former Trump Tower resident, Hoffenberg was an early backer of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential bid, but withdrew his support.

He became a born-again Christian in prison, he told Quartz.

  • Tnflyboy says:

    Sounds like the Hillary/Bush suicide squad to me.

  • Sam Cheyne says:

    Anyone associated with Epstein should “mysteriously die.”

  • John says:

    Another personal knowledgeable who could spill their guts about the Communist Democrat pedophile sick satanic party of the New World Order Antichrist,& Satan worshiping pigs, these are murderous scum and they run all BRANCHES OF THIS CORRUPTEDN.W.O N.W.O. DEMOCRAT COMMUNIST N.W.O. GOV AGENCY’S including our Congress, are you ready people in the name of God to take back our country from this corrupted satanic Democrat communist N.W.O. OF SATANIC GOV, but most of all stand up for our God, & country instead of their demonic satanic Satan worshiping child worshiping pedophile sick agenda

  • Russell says:

    Where is Epstein’s list of perverts? Inguiring minds want to know!



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