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Hunter Biden Whistleblower Tony Bobulinski Suing Fox News Host

A former Biden family business associate-turned-whistleblower who alleges the Bidens ran an international influence-peddling scheme that he witnessed firsthand is suing Fox News host Jessica Tarlov for defamation.

The far-left co-host of “The Five” indicated his legal fees had been paid by a political action committee affiliated with former President Donald Trump.

When Tarlov and her network were initially asked by Tony Bobulinski’s attorneys to apologize and offer a full retraction of the comment, both parties refused.

In a lawsuit filed on Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York by Bobuinski and his attorney Stefan Passantino, Tarlov is listed as the sole defendant.

The suit claims that Tarlov was guilty of defamation on March 20 when she “lied” and said on “The Five” that Bobulinksi’s legal representatives were being paid for by allies of Trump.

The comment was made hours after Bobulinski testified before the House Oversight Committee about his knowledge of the Biden family’s business affairs, which he said he saw firsthand for years.

In a social media post sharing news of the lawsuit, Bobulinski said he is not suing Tarlov for personal gain, but to hold members of the media accountable.

“Today I filed a lawsuit against Ms. Jessica Tarlov of Fox News for defamation,” Bobulinski said in a statement.

“Although I am seeking compensatory, special, and punitive damages from her for the damage her public remarks inflicted on my personal and professional reputation, this is not about money,” he added.

The former Biden family associate continued:

“This is about the truth, for which I have been fighting for four years. It is important for media personalities like Ms. Tarlov to understand that lies have consequences.

“I have consistently told the truth to the American people about the deep corruption of the Biden family and will continue to do, and I have paid my legal expenses arising from my decision to come forward out of my own pocket. I will donate every penny I may be awarded in this suit to a children’s hospital and to support our military Veterans. Ms. Tarlov refused to apologize and sincerely correct the record.”

Bobulinski, who first came forward in October 2020 during interviews with Tucker Carlson alleging corruption by both Joe and Hunter Biden, concluded, “I look forward to holding her accountable in a court of law and to continuing to bring the truth to the American people.”

As Mediaite reported, Tarlov said on the Fox News show last Wednesday that the Trump PAC had been paying Bobulnski’s law firm as recently as two months ago.

The firm in question was paid by Trump’s Save America PAC for separate legal services at one point, but those were unrelated to Bobulinski.

A day later, on the March 21 edition of “The Five,” Tarlov issued a brief clarification of her comments when she said:

“… During an exchange with my colleagues about the hearing I said that Mr. Bobulinski’s lawyers’ fees have been paid by a Trump super PAC as recent as January.

“What was actually said during the hearing was that the law firm representing Mr. Bobulinski was paid by a Trump PAC. I have seen no indication those payments were made in connection with Mr. Bobulinski’s legal fees and he denies that they were.”

Bobulinski’s attorneys had requested a complete retraction and an apology, which Tarlov did not offer and which Fox News dismissed in a letter to the former Biden family business associate, Mediaite reported.

Bobulinski told Congress last week that Joe Biden was personally involved in Hunter Biden’s business affairs and that the family business was to cash in on the family name.

He claimed the Bidens had made a small fortune in countries from Ukraine to China.

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    So they refused to retract a lie. Good on Tony for suing their stanky fanny.

  • A. Michaels says:

    Tarlov lives in her own world, with her own set of “facts”. She has elevated naivete to an art form. It amazes me, when schooled by Jessie, Greg or the Judge, she acts incredulously shocked at rational, normal thinking. I believe FOX keeps her around to illustrate to their audience just how limited and childish liberal thought is.



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