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Hunter Biden Sues IRS Over Whistleblower Leaks

Hunter Biden sued the IRS on Monday over alleged violations of his privacy when agents went to Congress with details of the agency’s investigation into Biden’s taxes.

Biden is under pressure from federal investigators and prosecutors and has adopted an adversarial stance since a plea deal fell apart in July.

The first son’s approach to federal officials mirrors his stance toward Republicans accusing him of engaging in corrupt overseas business dealings.

Biden’s lawsuit targets the IRS, alleging that two whistleblowers who made claims of misconduct leaked sensitive information about his taxes to Congress. The lawsuit claims the leaks violated federal tax laws and Biden’s right to privacy, according to The Washington Post.

Biden “has no fewer or lesser rights than any other American citizen, and no government agency or government agent has free reign to violate his rights simply because of who he is,” the lawsuit says.

IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler went to Congress to expose what they said was a double standard in the way the IRS and Department of Justice had handled the investigation into Biden’s tax affairs and purchase of a firearm.

The whistleblowers said they were blocked from pursuing lines of questioning that had the potential of implicating Biden’s father, President Joe Biden. They also said Hunter was given favorable treatment, such as unnecessary warnings ahead of certain investigative actions.

The lawsuit claims that the whistleblowers revealed certain information to Congress that could only be gained from viewing Hunter’s personal tax information.

“This assault on Mr. Biden’s rights involved the public disclosure of his confidential tax information during more than 20 nationally televised and non-congressionally sanctioned interviews and numerous public statements,” the lawsuit says, according to the Post.

The whistleblower made “detailed allegations regarding the specific tax years under investigation, the amounts of deductions, the nature of those deductions, and allegations of liability regarding specific tax years and the amount thereof, that could only be known to them based on a review of the physical tax returns themselves,” the lawsuit says.

A plea agreement Hunter’s legal team negotiated with Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, before Weiss was named special counsel, fell apart after the judge in the case began asking about the limits on immunity granted by a diversion agreement on a gun charge. The failed deal would have included Hunter pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges.

  • NO One is Above the Law - - IF El Chappo's son can be arrested, why not Hunter? says:

    They weren’t even looking at his Income Taxes when the stench began to smell SO bad. The IRS was doing an indepth deep-dive into Prostitution, Human/Sex Trafficking & Pornography and stumbled across some connections and cross-reference(s) to similar companies and when they went there to verify – voila a Shell Corporation for which Joe Bidens’ son was CEO. Then when they looked at Hunters’ taxes, they noticed similarities and found that Hunter was writing off Prostitution and Sex Club Memberships as Business Expenses on his tax forms – – IF Hunter wasn’t doing anything illegal, he wouldn’t have gotten caught. The fact is, that Hunter has probably been underreporting his income for 15+ years and Joe Biden for longer than that – – Apparently Joe & Hunter cross-mingled and each paid for the other services….convoluting the finances so deeply and then neither was known to be receiving Monies from Foreign Country until Hunter’s taxes and “Expenses” were questioned. They did not start off the investigation 5 years earlier looking at Hunter at all…. The more stones they overturned, the more $$ and trails that led to Hunter’s pocket & accounts. They even called some of those Cell Phone #’s on the Financial Spreadsheet that Hnter had on his laptop and lo & behold if “The Big Guy” didn’t answer it. They had no idea that Joe was using a secret cell phone while Vice-President, thru his son’s “Company” and traveling together overseas on numerous trips. NEXT one should be Paul Pelosi Jr, as 8 companies he has “worked for” have had rather unpleasant investigations & demise(s) and Paul Jr remained unscathed and he also traveled with Nancy Pelosi overseas on her business trips. Nepotism is SOLID on the Democrat Side of Politics. Hunter should blame his Father – It was Joe in Oct 2020 Debate against Donald Trump where Joe spelled out that he has given the IRS and Congress the last 22 years of his Income Tax returns and dared Trump to do the same – – at that same Debate he also testified to all US Citizens that he has never taken one red cent from a foreign country. Gee, as if Hunters’ behavior over the past 38 yrs hasn’t already placed a bulls-eye on his back and every time he got caught with illegal drugs or with more prostitutes and he & Ashley took turns at Rehab Centers – yeah – that didn’t bring his situation to the Front & Center of anyone – as his own Father wrote the toughest piece of Legislation which made it mandatory for ANY person caught with street drugs larger than a dime to be imprisoned for 5 years MINIMUM – so of course, Hunter was a drug addict and his Daddy had put more users behind bars at an accelerated rate & for longer sentences that any other time in US History. Yeah JOE did that while he was paying for his son & daughters Rehab and arresting every other Tom, Dick & Susie that had illegal drugs on them – – spared his own and arrested ALL others! It is a mere smidge of the Karma the Biden Crime Syndicate is de. El Chappo Guzman’s son was just arrested in Mexico from the Sinaloa Cartel. The US is going to extradite him to the US to stand trial. IF El Chappo’s son can be prosecuted and 100+ Mexican Police, Officers, Innocents were KILLED while they attempted to catch Ovidio Guzman, what makes you think that the Sinaloa Cartel members wouldn’t start an absolute WAR with America IF we go arrest & prosecute their criminals (which finances 35% of the Countries job & wages) and our Presidents’ son is “Untouchable”. I’d expect the Sinaloa Cartel to come to the USA and let Biden know their thoughts on “NO one is above the Law” That’s not a bad idea come to think of it.

  • Ricky says:

    So Trumps will get MEGA money cause he’s got released???? Or a cover up on this to.

  • Sam says:

    Joe is playing a wait and see game. He can’t pardon Hunter now because it would sink any chance he might have in the upcoming election. However, win or lose, as soon as the election votes are tallied and verified, Hunter will get a blanket pardon. At that point, Joe has nothing to lose by doing so. You can count on it.

  • Rick says:

    These are the same people demanding Donald Trump make his past taxes public? The blatant hypocrisy is beyond belief.

  • Sicsam says:

    Just like father…a lying bunch of ass holes.



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