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Horror: Woman, 8 Months Pregnant, Shot and Killed in Random Attack

A pregnant woman was shot and killed in her car at a Seattle intersection on Tuesday.

Eina Kwon, 34, a mother of a 2-year-old child, was senselessly murdered while sitting in her car with her husband.

Her unborn child died following the shooting.

According to reports, the suspect, 30-year-old Cordell Maurice Goosby, ran up to the driver’s side of the vehicle and fired several shots before running away.

Eina Kwon was struck several times and her husband, Sung-hyun Kwon, was shot in the arm.

Kwon was rushed to a nearby hospital so her baby could be delivered by emergency C-section but it was too late.

The young mother and her unborn baby died.

Her husband survived.

Goosby told police he thought he saw a gun in the car and acted in self-defense when he fired on the couple, however, video revealed he was lying.

“No amount of justice will bring that family home again,” Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said on Thursday. “We know that this has great impacts to the community, not only the greater community, but the Korean community. I have been in conversations and communications with members throughout the community to try and ensure that we are doing everything we can to make this community safe.”

NBC News reported:

Eina Kwon, a restaurant owner who was fatally shot at a Seattle intersection on Tuesday, is being remembered by friends and loved ones for her kindness.

Kwon, whose unborn child also died following the incident, was described by those who worked near her sushi restaurant, Aburiya Bento House, as an “incredible human being.” She was also the mother of a 2-year-old child.

Video that was recovered from a nearby building showed that Kwon, 34, and her husband Sung-hyun Kwon, 37, were stopped at the intersection when a suspect ran up to the driver’s side of the vehicle before firing and running away, according to court documents. Both victims were sent to Harborview Medical Center, where Eina was sent into emergency surgery so her baby could be delivered. Both Eina, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds, and the baby died at the hospital. Sung-Hyun, who was shot in the arm, survived his injuries.

Officers arrested one suspect, 30-year-old Cordell Maurice Goosby, a short distance away from the scene and recovered a firearm. Goosby told authorities that he thought he saw a gun in the car and reacted by firing his handgun into the vehicle, court documents show. But additional video revealed that there was “no interaction between the victims and the suspect in the preceding block, prior to the incident.” The documents also show that Goosby did appear to detectives to be “in some level of crisis whether genuine or performed.”

  • Sicsam says:

    Another jungle bunny from Obama. Immediate execution for this despicable person…

  • Me says:

    Just a reminder.

    In the US, the majority of the Asians like the Chinese, the Indian, the Japanese, etc… VOTED MASSIVELY for the WOKE LIBs…

    I know this woman is ethnically South Korean, but if you take a look at Young Kim from Orange County who voted to protect Schiffty Adam, you know the Korean are a lost cause now… Only the Vietnamese & the Filipino are reliably Republicans.

    That’s why I always ROFLMAO every time I heard something coming out of San Francisco or New York about how the //IGs repaid these Asians for their votes!

    While I will refrain from getting a kick out of this story, it won’t be long before BOTH Michelle Steel & Young Kim turn WOKE. Can’t wait to have a GOOD LAUGH then!

    PS: I donated to that poor Vietnamese woman in Houston who got paralyzed by a //IG so before you RACIST got your panties all in a knot, CALM THE EFF DOWN!

  • Michael says:

    Now guess what didn’t happen . No 27/7 coast to coast media coverage, not racist , not a hate crime . No race pimps stoking a narrative driven agenda of racial devision , no riots ,no burning cities . no protests , and no mob attacks on random people blaming them for what happened .

  • Scurvydog says:

    There is no way to defend against such an attack, even if you are carrying a handgun in your car. The “blitz” style is almost impossible to survive. What needs to happen now is a death penalty for the scum that did it, but the liberals in WA won’t hear it! They might be accused of playing God. That’s funny, since that is exactly what these murdering scum do…play God!

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