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GOP Candidate Asked Tucker Carlson How Many Covid Shots He Got. Here’s His Answer.

Tucker Carlson got the biggest applause during his interview with former Arkansas Governor and 2024 presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson at the Family Leadership Summit when he revealed he did not take any of the COVID-19 vaccinations on Friday.

“How many COVID shots did you take and how do you feel about it now, in retrospect?” Carlson asked.

“How many COVID shots did you take?” Hutchinson replied.

“Zero,” Carlson said without hesitation.

Hutchinson eventually said he got the COVID shots because he believed it was the right decision for him.

Carlson pressed Hutchinson about his 2021 veto of a bill that would have barred minors access to puberty blockers and trans surgery. Hutchinson said, in his view, the bill went too far and it infringed on parents’ ability to raise their children as they see fit. When Carlson kept asking Hutchinson about the issue, Hutchinson commented he hoped they would be able to talk about other issues.

“This is one of the biggest issues in the country and every person in this room would agree that it is a central because these are children who are being altered permanently,” Carlson replied.

Hosts with The Blaze, who is streaming the candidate forum, panned Hutchinson’s appearance, questioning why he is in the race as he is in the bottom tier. Glenn Beck compared the interview to the Hindenburg disaster: “I don’t think I have seen anything burst into flames and die that fast.”

  • frank says:

    Seems funny that for so long in the history of the USA , children were protected and coveted and now it a slaughter as the general public just turns their head

  • Bruno Brawn says:

    I am happy for Tucker. What common sense he has. I am also jealous because I got the Pfizer shots. I did not get any boosters thank God but I wish I never got any of it.

  • Mick says:

    Seems like I read somewhere that Asa was affiliated with Bill when Bill was guv of Ark. back in the day. That alone would stop my supporting him.

  • Neta Rice says:

    I would bet real money, which I don’t have, that Flip Flop Fausi and the entire swamp did not take the jab. They knew, up front, that the virus was developed in a lab funded with US taxpayers money with CCP intentions to kill Americans. I do believe they did not realize, or care, that it would go all the way around the would. The photo opts of members of the swamp taking the job was just that, no real shot.

  • Concerned Patriot says:

    Of course Tucker didn’t get the clot shots – he’s an intelligent man.

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