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Georgia Man Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Voter Fraud

A Georgia man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after being convicted of voter fraud.

District Attorney Chris Arnt announced William Chase, 62, was convicted of unlawful acts regarding electors’ vote, voting twice in the same election, first-degree forgery, and performing illegal acts with election documents.

Chief Judge Kristina Graham sentenced Chase to 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole until after 15 years.

NBC 9 News reported Chase filled out another Walker County resident’s ballot during a 2021 Georgia runoff.

Per NBC 9 News:

The DA says William Chase filled out another Walker County resident’s absentee ballot in the January 2021 runoff election after it was sent ton a PO box at an old address by mistake.

When the husband of the original owner of the ballot got his and she did not, the DA says she called the Walker County Elections Office to inquire about it.

The Elections Office found out that it has already been accepted, but not yet counted, and that it appeared to have her signature, the DA says. The resident went to the Elections Office and pointed out that it was not her signature.

The Elections Office then requested the Secretary of State Office investigate the forged ballot.

Chase was given a hefty sentence for two reasons according to DA Christ Arnt.

One was to send a message to anyone else attempting to commit voter fraud in the state of Georgia.

The second reason was due to Chase’s prior record which consisted of “bankruptcy fraud, theft by shoplifting, forgery in the first degree, stealing public documents, and financial identity fraud.”

  • ThePeopleArePissed says:

    Something is off about this story. Brad Raffensperger pays zero attention to massive voter fraud or citizens’ concerns. Where is RUBY & daughter, Brad?? How much did you & Kemp rake in from Dominion & Smartmatic? Still got those criminal attorneys on retainer, Brad? One fraudulent voter gets prosecuted & publicized & that supposedly shows GA is serious? Really.

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