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Fox News Pride Month Segment Leaves Conservatives ‘Stunned’

Fox News is coming under fire by conservatives who took issue with the network running a glowing segment about one California family’s journey with their transgender child.

“14-year-old Ryland Whittington is a typical southern California teenager,” reported Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas. “And the Whittingtons along with his mom, dad, and sister are a typical family. The only difference in Ryland’s eyes is what this family can mean to the tens of thousands of kids under 18 who identify as transgender.”

The family came forward with their story so others “could see like that there is another family out there that is going through what we’re going through or there is another family who is proud of who they are,” the child explains.

The teen’s mother claimed their biological daughter identified as a boy before being able to speak.

“I could see it. It wasn’t him trying to be a brat. It was like painful,” his mother claimed. “It was painful for him to have to wear feminine clothing and for us constantly telling him that you are a girl.”

Llenas said the child “came out” at the age of 5.

“We were confused like most people are,” the child’s mother said. “We thought that gender and sexuality were the same thing. It took us awhile to figure out that those two things are different, and that children actually do recognize their gender identity very young. Some, not all.”

She continued: “For me it’s a deep spiritual belief. We believe in God, and He created us the way He wanted us, well then yes, he created Ryland just the way he is.”

After Llenas highlighted the suicide rate among transgender youth, the child’s mother said she’d “rather have a living son than a dead daughter.”

Llenas closed out the segment, which was part of the network’s “America Together: LGBTQ+ Pride Month,” by praising the “extraordinary courage” the family displayed and thanked them for speaking to Fox News “at a time when transgender issues have been politicized.”

The segment left conservatives “stunned.”


  • FLA-GAL says:

    The behavior of the mother in this story used to be called Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, with the medical term called Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another. I guess the DSM has concluded it is not a psychological disorder that needs corrective action, and has labeled it “normal?”

  • Laine says:

    Stop watching Fox when they called the election wrong…libs are in upper management…screw them..I pay for internet news now..they are corrupted ..even Newsmax disappointed me..paid off not to talk about fake vax and illnesses people are having..they all get corrupted

  • faye vance says:

    These people are really sick anyway you look at it. We live in a world of lunatics.

  • Cathy Gill says:

    Hhow can a child of 5 know he is a boy if he was born a girl? Only if the seeds were planted in him in pre k. The transgender stuff that is being introduced to kindergarteners and pre k has no business being taught in schools. That is the parents’ responsibility and no one else. If your school board are allowing this to happen in your child’s school, it’s past time to stop this. Now.



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