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FBI Changes Total Number of Documents Seized From Trump

The FBI on Sept. 26 changed the total number of documents it said it seized from former President Donald Trump’s estate.

Sixty-three additional documents or photographs without classification markings were taken from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort than previously listed by the FBI, according to an updated inventory list.

The revised inventory was submitted to the federal court in southern Florida on orders from U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie, a Reagan appointee who was inserted into the case as a special master, or an independent third party to handle disputes and other matters.

Dearie ordered a government official “with sufficient knowledge of the matter” to submit a declaration or affidavit stating whether the detailed property inventory released on Sept. 2 “represents the full and accurate extent of the property seized from” Trump’s home in August when FBI agents executed a search warrant there.

An FBI supervisory special agent, whose name was redacted, fulfilled the order. The agent, based in Washington, said he or she leads a squad of special agents, intelligence analysts, and other personnel in carrying out counterintelligence and espionage investigations, and that their team executed the warrant.

The earlier inventory was performed by the agent and workers under their direction but, wanting to make sure the inventory was accurate, “I and FBI personnel working under my direction conducted an additional review and recount of the Seized materials in order to make this declaration,” the agent told Dearie.

That resulted in some “minor revisions,” the agent acknowledged.

An Epoch Times review of the earlier and current inventory list showed the differences included 63 non-classified documents or photographs being added to the total the FBI said it seized. Additionally, the new list contains two fewer magazines/newspapers/press articles and two fewer empty folders with “CLASSIFIED” banners.

Some of the boxes seized from Trump’s home were said to contain more documents now; others were said to contain fewer.

The update, if accurate, means the government seized over 11,200 non-classified materials from Mar-a-Lago.

The agent said he or she declared, under the penalty of perjury, that they were “not aware of” any documents or other materials seized from Trump’s home that are not listed in the updated inventory, with the exception of materials taken by the government’s filter team.

That squad was focused on identifying and segregating materials they thought could fall under attorney-client privilege.

A spokesman for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The updated inventory excludes documents marked classified, based on a recent appeals court order that blocked Dearie and Trump’s lawyers from reviewing the said documents. The earlier inventory listed 103 documents with classification markings.

  • Faxxmaxx says:

    Now do Obama

  • steve says:

    We all knew they would add their own Papers in to try & say Trump took them. biden & obama are in on this also, The whole doj & fbi should be SHUT DOWN & ALL NEW STAFF, Then it will become Honest & Trust worthy DOJ & FBI. But did they show His Will & Trust that they took during the Raid, Did they Return Trumps Will & Trust? This Is just another WITCH HUNT & ABUSE OF POWER from the Obiden Administration. What else will they try now that this will Fail like the Russion Colusion Delusion & all the other things they tried & Failed at? WE THE PEOPLE MUST VOTE RED IN 2022 TO PUT A STOP to this Political BS from the Left & HOLD these People Responcable.

  • Su says:

    Don’t email me any news! I tried many times to block “truth press”, but didn’t work. And somehow “[email protected]” seems doesn’t exist . It’s annoying. . [email protected]

  • darylc says:

    Talk about a witch hunt, The FBI was just at the residence in August and told Trump how to store the material. What changed in one month. Merrick Garland changed, and Joe Biden told him to do it.

  • John says:

    The only changes to the FBI I’d like to see is for them to take our taxpayer paid handguns they carry and stick it to their heads and blow their communist anti-American N.W.O brains out for THEIR high treasonist skills, for war crimes and communist propaganda against the American people, & for implementing a communist New World Order agenda by fraudulently rigging a dually elected presidents term in office away from 80 million voters who voted for him, and not a sick senile Democrat N.W.O fascist pedophile who was hiding in his basement



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