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Fauci Doesn’t Realize He Is Getting Flipped Off During Photo with a Stranger

The former chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, got trolled by conservative activist Melissa Lively when dining at a Washington DC restaurant Friday night.

Lively was dining with filmmaker Eric Strause when Fauci entered the restaurant with two bodyguards accompanying him.

Lively, an Arizona conservative, approached Dr. Fauci for a photo and subtly flipped him off when posing with him, while he was smiling cluelessly.

The infamous public figure did not even realize he was being trolled by Lively. Twitter user Ada Lluch tweeted out the hilarious image late Friday night. “I met this fun lady at CPAC today. Her name is Melissa Rein Lively. Tonight she met Fauci in Washington DC and took this incredible picture with him. Everyone is jealous that they didn’t get to do it,” Lluch wrote.

Lively is the founder of America First Public Relations, a pr firm that works with “anti-woke” America First businesses and brands. The right-winger posted the photo of her and Fauci on Instagram with a caption that described how she gave him the middle finger on behalf of all 329 million Americans in the United States.


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Late last month, Anthony Fauci received criticism from Twitter CEO Elon Musk over allegedly funding gain-of-function research. On Twitter, Musk said Fauci funded gain-of-function research “via a pass-through organization (EcoHealth).”

Musk’s fiery accusation came in response to a tweet that aggregated the multiple occurrences where Fauci denied any gain-of-function research and counter-signaled the idea that COVID-19 originated from a 2019 Wuhan lab leak.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab, lied to Congress about it, and now both the FBI & the Department of Energy have concluded that the coronavirus originated at the Wuhan lab. Does that mean Dr. Anthony Fauci funded the development of COVID-19?” the video’s caption reads.

  • Plumlazy says:

    I am with you my finger is up with you

  • Susan McNabb says:

    Priceless! Totally made me smile.

  • Don says:

    That little rat bastard sewer rat took my last child from me with his favorite disease. I hope there is a special place in hell for him. She suffered through it for over 11 months.
    Miserable SOB.
    I’d like to give that lady a hug.

  • Linda says:

    I just want him in jail for all the lies he told and problems he caused in our country!!!

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