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Family Doctor Who Faced Backlash for Vaccinating Children and Causing Adverse Reactions Dies Suddenly

An Australian family doctor who got death threats from anti-vaxxers during the pandemic after two children experienced adverse reactions to the Covid shot has died suddenly.

Hong Kong-born Doctor Wilson Chin, who studied medicine in Britain for 14 years and ran an under-12 Covid vaccination clinic on the Gold Coast, died just days before Christmas, Daily Mail reported.

The death of Dr. Chin was confirmed by Pacific Pines MedCentres Director Deon Raju.

In an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin, he stated that medical issues and ‘not mental health related’ was the cause of death.

Earlier this year, Dr. Chin made headlines after he broke down in tears in a video, revealing he had received death threats from anti-vaxxers following a rumor that two girls who fainted after treatment at Pacific Pines MedCentres had actually died.

According to Dr. Chin, it was just a normal occurrence of fainting that had nothing to do with the vaccine.

Watch the video below:

More from Euro Weekly News:

The Hong Kong-born doctor in an earlier interview with local channels broke down in tears while describing the abuse he received shortly after the rumours spread. The rumour claimed that two girls at his clinic on the Gold coast collapsed and began to scream and then later died. Dr Chin had then, during an interview with a local news channel, stated that the case was unrelated to the vaccine and it was a simple fainting episode.

But after this episode, the centre became a major target of abuse, which forced them to immediately halt the vaccine program for children under 12. Chin eventually made a statement on the local news channel that said, “The death threats and threats from those out there are not worth us jeopardizing the safety of our staff”.

According to a statement by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Chin received abuse and threats that claimed the vaccine centre was ´poisoning kids´ and also that the doctor was a kid killer.

  • ELAINE67 says:

    KARMA is a wonderful thing
    You REAP what you SOW


  • Mee says:

    They are killing the youth. They were never in danger! Now we have teenagers dropping dead. In the USA, they are forcing them to take the shot. No school if you do not take the death shot. The idiots that said we follow the science are NOT following the science. Masks do not work, vaccines do not work. The idiots pushing this are the Communist in power. You do as I say, or you are out. Out of work, out of school, out of the military …. just out. I can not think that American put any of these Communist in power. They stole all the elections where it counts. You think 2024 will be different. They hate voter IDs because they can not cheat. We are headed for a WAR if the true Americans can not turn this around. When was the last President to threaten death to the American citizens if you do not fall in line. When was the last President to threaten to kill off the other Political party? BIDEN has threatened all of us with death. A nuclear weapon to the F 18s to move down Republicans. AND YET! HE SITS IN THE WHITE HOUSE taking vacations as our country is being invaded.

  • ron says:

    Shi Com plant. Bye bye scumbag

  • Guest says:

    The Covid meds were not FDA approved so no one can be held accountable but they make all the money the want from the government. They still need to sell all they have stored, even if it kills people.



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