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Ex-Capitol Police Chief Tells Tucker Carlson in Leaked Fox Interview That Jan. 6 Events Were a ‘Cover-Up’

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told Tucker Carlson in a controversial interview that “everything appears to be a cover-up” as it pertains to the Jan. 6, 2021, protests at the U.S. Capitol.

Although Fox News kept that interview under wraps, the National Pulse has begun releasing segments wherein Sund provides critical insights into an event that has been used to great effect by Democrats and other forces antipathetic to former President Donald Trump.

When speaking to Russell Brand in early July, Carlson said he had initially taken an interest in the Jan. 6 protests due to all the “lying about it.”

“So, the more time has passed … it becomes really obvious that core claims they made about January 6 were lies,” said Carlson. “The amount of lying around January 6, and it was obvious in the tapes that I showed, is really distressing.”

Prior to his ouster at Fox, Carlson had aired previously unreleased footage of the protests that appeared to contradict the narrative that had been carefully constructed by the media and the Jan. 6 committee.

When speaking to Brand, Carlson referenced an eye-opening interview he had conducted with Sund while still at Fox News, saying, “I never thought it was a false flag or anything like that. I’m not a conspiracist by temperament. I never thought that. … And then I interviewed the chief of the Capitol Police, Steven Sund, in an interview that was never aired on Fox, by the way — I was fired before it could air.”

Sund, a police officer for over 30 years, had been head of the U.S. Capitol Police from 2019 through the protests, but resigned Jan. 7 amid claims by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and others that “there was a failure of leadership at the top.”

In February 2021, Sund penned a letter to Pelosi and other congressional leaders, noting, “Perfect hindsight does not change the fact that nothing in our collective experience or our intelligence – including intelligence provided by FBI, Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and D.C. Metropolitan Police (MPD) – indicated that a well-coordinated, armed assault on the Capitol might occur on Jan. 6.”

Sund further noted that during a meeting with “a dozen of the top law enforcement and military officials from D.C., including the FBI, U.S. Secret Service and the National Guard,” no entity “provided any intelligence indicating that there would be a coordinated attack on the United States Capitol.”

“The entire intelligence community seems to have missed this,” he wrote.

Sund also intimated that the Capitol Police had been set up to fail.

Sund told WTTG-TV that he had asked House and Senate security officials for their permission to bring in the National Guard days ahead of the protests, but was denied. He also indicated he had asked for the National Guard several more times during the protests, but was repeatedly denied until their ultimate arrival at 5:40 p.m. on Jan. 6.

Around 19 minutes into the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” interview, which is being released by the National Pulse piecemeal, Sund says, “If people were reporting the intelligence correctly, if I was allowed to do my job as the chief … we wouldn’t be here. This didn’t have to happen,” stressing, “I’m a little pissed off.”

“Everything appears to be a cover-up,” continued Sund. “Like I said, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but when you look at the information and intelligence they had, the military had, it’s all watered down. … I’m not getting intelligence, I’m denied any support from National Guard in advance. I’m denied National Guard while we’re under attack for 71 minutes.”

“You describe this as a failure to get intelligence to people who needed it, but it sounds like … they were hiding the intelligence,” said Carlson.

“That’s what I’m getting at,” said Sund. “Could there possibly be actually … they kind of wanted something to happen? It’s not a far stretch to begin to think that. You know, it’s sad when you start putting everything together and thinking about the way this played out. … What was their end goal? You look at what’s happening. Was that their end goal?”

Carlson responded, “There’s no question that what happened on January 6 has really helped the Democratic Party. It’s gravely politicized the U.S. military and the intelligence agencies and the FBI. And those are all, I think, bad for America and violations of the Constitution, but they’re all good for the Democratic Party. That’s the facts.”

Sund agreed, adding that in the wake of Jan. 6, the establishment has seen fit to strip the blindfold of neutrality from Lady Justice.

Raheem Kassam, editor in chief of the National Pulse, noted on Twitter that the Sund interview is “absolutely extraordinary” and emphasized that “none of us are suicidal, for the record.”

The next interview excerpt will reportedly broach the subject of Ray Epps and his involvement in the Jan. 6 protests.

Carlson previously indicated Sund had told him, “‘That crowd was filled with federal agents.'”

  • Roger says:

    I believe the Capitol Police are selected and run by Pelosi. The are just about the most inept and incompetent on the planet !!!

  • bill says:

    NO CRAP !!!! The only thing the demonrats know is to tells lies and force feed propaganda to the lame minded moochers and forcing the illegals to “vote” for the corrupt members of the gooberment that are giving them a new life and lots of money to exist. Ramming all of this rhetoric down the throats of AMERICA while covering all of the corruption of the bydumb regime. WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA.

  • John says:

    The American people are smarter than these democrat-controlled communist and fascist New World Order pigs who were following their orders and screwing the American people along with destroying this country globally they’re part of the Demonic and satanic New World Order process that have to be eliminated in order for this country to ever be free again under this fraudulently elected communist corrupted Banana Republic fake Democrat pedophile party and luciferian corrupted government

  • william g munson says:

    You know it was all fake stuff when they took the Two Republicans off the Committee too and would not allow any to ask questions or offer the Rebut either and not !!Trying to Charged TRUMP when We heard him say go to the Capitol and make your Voice heard Peaceful too end of Story

  • Supa says:

    Trump should run on this alone! Then, Free the prisoners and arrest the Deep State and all those who followed suit, the head honchos, starting with Soros, Obama, Biden, Clinton’s, Bush, all the rats… the former co conspirators, the Rhinos… etc! Ship ‘em out of this country on a cargo ship in the middle of the ocean like they’ve done to little children! It’s sickening that we are all witnessing a travesty in front of our own eyes and what can we do about it? Please there has to be a way we can petition back! Protest by petition getting the whole nation on board!!! I mean is there any other way we can fight back on this? Anyone?

    Is this how it ends, like they just take over? I don’t know what to do, but feel I have to do something as a US citizen and patriot! I love my country but it’s unrecognizable now… how do we make the change?

    • JB says:

      Supa, I feel the same way you do about it and I think there’s at least 75000000 others who also do. We all want to do something but it seems that the most we’ve been able to do is to get on some public forums and complain. We all know it’s not going to help but neither has telling our representatives how we feel accomplished anything. It’s not like we can have private meetings either because everybody and everything is monitored by our own government and let’s face it, our country is huge and no one has the resources to come and go as they please (except the insurrectionists who are funded by such corrupt people as Soros). I don’t know how it will end but I pray a lot for our country and I contribute what and when I can to the Trump campaign. I wish we could do more. Until someone comes up with a better solution, I’m afraid this is all we can do. Pray and vote ️

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