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Elon Musk Teases Release of the ‘Fauci Files’

Elon Musk, on Sunday, teased that this week’s Twitter Files report would focus on the now former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, in what could be known as the Fauci Files.

Musk turned to Twitter to tell users, “Hope you’re having a great day 1 2023! One thing’s for sure, it won’t be boring.”

One Twitter user replied to Musk’s tweet, saying she was,”Waiting… … for #FauciFiles,”

“Later this week,” Musk replied.

In what is now called the “Twitter Files,” journalists tapped by Musk address various controversies including internal discussions at Twitter regarding the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2022 presidential election and the social media company’s decision to ban former President Trump from tweeting after his role in the Capitol invasion on Jan. 6, 2021.

The most recent Twitter File release focused on how both the Trump and Biden administrations leaned on Twitter to moderate content during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent tweets from Musk also appear to be growing in numbers as he attacks Fauci.

On Dec. 29, Musk asserted that Twitter employees had an internal “Fauci Fan Club,” before tweeting that Twitter’s new policy was “to follow the science, which necessarily includes reasoned questioning of the science.”

Evolutionary behavioral scientist Gad Saad appeared to joke about the dogmatic way scientific experts were treated amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The science is anything that His Eminence Lord Fauci says it is,” Saad said. “His Excellency is science.”

Musk responded by observing, “Anyone who says that questioning them is questioning science itself cannot be regarded as a scientist.”

The Twitter CEO also mocked Fauci on Friday, calling him “creepy” after the New York Times reported that his home office was decorated with fan portraits of himself.

  • Jenny says:

    Remembers the Fauci Ouchi, and more one day soon he will face Justice

  • Breadwoman says:

    As for the Article saying the last ‘Twitter release’ focused on how both the Trump and Biden Admins. ‘leaned on Twitter to moderate content during the Covid-19 Pandemic’, WE SHOULD REMEMBER that, 1) Trump was in at the very BEGINNING of a world-wide pandemic which had largely subsided before Biden was ever in place, and 2) the Vaxxes only ‘came out’ the day AFTER the Election in Nov. and nothing was really KNOWN about them until into 2021, which was when MOST of the ‘censoring of Covid info.’ began (but long before THAT, the censoring of Conservatives on Twitter had been going on for a LONG TIME), and 3) During Trump’s Presidency, he was totally unware that BOTH his ‘medical advisors’ Birch AND Fauci (and others?) were/had been LYING TO HIM AND THE PUBLIC relative to Medical things like a) the inefficacy of wearing cloth masks, b) the inefficacy of ‘distancing’, ‘staying inside’, and unnecessarily ‘closing Schools’, and b) the actual efficacy of good old drugs that HAD PROVEN TO WORK for Covid (Ivermectin, hydroxy-chloroquine, Quercetin, and Azithromycin, plus Vitamin D-3 and Zinc) and the new inventions of ‘chromosomal antibodies’ and another one ‘Resveratrol’, while PUSHING a very BAD new drug – ‘Remdesivir’ – that Big Pharma was pushing that turned out to be VERY DANGEROUS and BAD! for anyone who got it! (AND it was at a very high COST – while all the other ‘old drugs’ were CHEAP to purchase, readily available to druggists, and already FDA-approved!!! SO ‘Big Pharma’ didn’t WANT them KNOWN to work (while the newer drugs weren’t FDA-approved). But while Trump was President, the Left Media was pushing their anti-Trump ‘don’t trust anything Trump endorses’ line, which quickly changed to being ‘Pro-vaxx’ as soon as Biden was in office!!! and all Media got in on it! So it is not at all the same to just quip that ‘both Trump AND Biden’ had ‘leaned on Twitter’, since Trump did not KNOW that Birch and Fauci were putting out LIES to the Public, but by 2021, LOTS of things were coming out about their lying all through 2020!!! While Trump was just ‘trying to help GET OUT info about how to respond best to Covid, according to what he was being ‘told’ by trusted Govt. Agencies that know about such things. By late 2020 the Public was realizing that the Medical ‘Experts’ were duping us! and better info was coming to us out of Europe and even China about ‘things that worked’, while the U.S. still was keeping US in the Dark about ANYTHING that would help or deter the Virus!!! AND by then, Trump had quit having his daily ‘advisories’ where he let Birth and Fauci speak as long as they wished to the Public, over whom they were ‘responsible’ to give ‘meaningful information’ and ‘help’ – but then FAILED in all aspects, as was only KNOWN by late fall or early in 2021, and then only kept GROWING in how MUCH misinformation they had given out, along with faulty statistical information as well, for all that time, and continuing until THIS day. But the FACT is that the Trump Admin was trying VERY HARD to PUT OUT as MUCH HELPFUL INFO as they could get their hands on (including medicinals) using the paid Govt. Agencies who would have HAD such helpful information, and trying to engage the Social Platforms used by a majority of the populace to ‘help get the word out’, and to attempt to ‘moderate nay-sayers’ who didn’t believe (at that point) that the ‘Pandemic’ was Real, or NEEDED to be ‘mitigated’ in order to prevent a deadly spread of a deadly virus that at the current time had been contained to just a very few places in the U.S. – but that over the next few months had spread wider, but STILL not as bad as experienced in other Nations around Europe. By the time Biden came into office, it was mostly winding down, yet he ‘kept it going’ by keeping people in masks, distancing and out of schools for the rest of the year, in spite of not having any Stats to show any of those things were even necessary. AND THEN came the Vaxx mandates all over! And while Biden didn’t ‘mandate them’, he advocated for private businesses and all Govt. employees TO BE ‘mandated’ to receive them, or lose their jobs! EVEN KNOWING that the ‘pandemic’ was all but OVER, yet the U.S. continued as though ‘it was still as verile as before – when it WASN’T!!! And as new Info. was coming out about Covid, Medicine Test Results for Covid, and the Vaxxes, the Biden Admin. was ESPECIALLY trying to censor ALL INFO on Social Media and TV programming that had anything to do with anything negative about HIS Admin., including the Vaxxes and Covid ‘new Info.’ as it came out! So while Trump was trying HARD to ‘get new Info OUT to the public’, and perhaps trying to ‘lean on’ Media Platforms to help him IN that effort, Biden’s Admin. was doing just the OPPOSITE by trying to squelch and censor ALL NEW INFO./Facts/dialogue/experience or advice for Public consumption or consideration!!! to KEEP IT from getting OUT to the Public! Two different things, entirely! They (Trump and Biden) shouldn’t be used here as ‘equal’ or ‘the same’. They weren’t. One was Untiringly Advocating for Truth, the other was sinisterly Suppressing the Truth. And as a consumer of News, I was never aware of ANYTHING that was being ‘censored’ by the Trump Admin. But I was certainly astonishingly aware of censorship from mid-2021 through most of 2022! because most of all Media were pushing only Left narratives continually, as were all medical institutions.



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