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Election Results Reversed in Major Georgia County After Memory Card Found with Uncounted Votes

The results of a local election in a major Georgia county have been reversed after officials discovered a memory card with hundreds of uncounted votes on it.

Madelyn Orochena was originally declared the victor of a race for a seat on the Kennesaw City Council in Cobb County,

“Looking forward to me being sworn in on Monday,” she said at the time, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

Yet 24 hours later, Orochena got a call from the county’s Board of Elections about a memory card from one of the precincts had not been uploaded, the network reported.

The results were reportedly re-certified on Friday.

County Elections Director Janine Eveler said the uncounted votes on the memory card “changed the outcome” of the race, with Orochena’s competitor, Lynnette Burnette, coming in first by 31 votes.

Fox News reported that Orochena called the incident “shameful” and claimed that “our faith in our governing bodies continues to fail.”

  • Mark Stannard says:

    Your election system is a fraud and a joke worldwide . Freedom and fair elections in the USA is a sham.

  • Justaname says:

    Wtf stupid “reality” shows on tv can count votes accurately in a matter of seconds yet our own government cant seem to do so accurately with our electoral process and needs multiple days yet still can’t get it right hell maybe the govt should ask them for pointers but then again there’s no mail in ballots to suddenly appear etc etc this country has become nothing but a third world banana republic with a Gucci belt

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