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Elderly Woman Robbed, Stabbed 12 Times in Broad Daylight

An elderly woman was robbed and stabbed multiple times Sunday in broad daylight in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles, ABC7 reported.

The woman in her 60s remains in the hospital after the apparently targeted attack left her with multiple injuries, according to ABC7.

“The victim [fell down] on the ground … she tried to hold on to her bag,” Chester Chong, the chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce said.

Chong told ABC7 that the elderly woman resisted when the suspect tried to steal her purse because she had important personal items in the bag.

“Medical cards, ID, everything … she got scared if she lost these documents, she cannot go to the clinic [or] anywhere,” said Chong.

The woman chased after the suspect while others, including drivers who pulled over, tried to offer help, according to Chong, ABC7 reported.

“A lot of people were around him and tried to punch him, and then he got his knife out. That’s why everybody, you know, backed up,” witness Emily Giang said, while another witness claimed that the victim was stabbed “about 12 times.”

Witnesses said that security guards stopped the man before police arrived and detained someone, according to ABC7. The identity of the suspect has not yet been released.

Giang said the community feels it needs protection because locals are concerned an attack like this could happen again.

“We’re so scared,” she said.

The woman was attacked in an area where many elderly work selling fresh seafood on the street.

Chong is telling locals to be careful, advising that they “just let go” if a thief attempts to steal their bag and not to “bring any important documents.”

Police, who have not confirmed an arrest, said that the incident left two people, the victim and another unspecified person, hospitalized, ABC7 reported.

  • AL says:

    No gun involved in this incident or the 11 stabbed in Illinois yesterday so the laim stream media won’t cover it. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Scurvydog says:

    This is why I always, always, carry a firearm. I’ll soon be 72, and I’ll be damned if I’ll go down without a good chance of bringing the thieving, murdering, bastard with me!

  • Henchy says:

    Any description of the criminal???? Must not be white. Another ghetto rat or illegal rat on the loose. Enforce Capital Punishment – it used to be the law – We voted for it.



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