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‘Disables’ Sperm: ‘On-Demand’ Male Birth Control Pill Taken Right Before Sex

A male contraceptive pill could create an “on-demand” way for men to prevent pregnancy. Researchers from the National Institutes of Health say the compounds in this drug block a fertility protein for 24 hours. Moreover, men could take the contraceptive right before sex and still get full protection.

Scientists say that, in some ways, it is more effective than women’s oral birth control medications, which users have to take daily. In experiments, the non-hormonal compound stopped mouse sperm cells in their tracks, preventing them from maturing. The animals’ sexual functioning was normal. Male lab rodents mated with females, but there were no pregnancies.

“Our inhibitor works within 30 minutes to an hour,” says lead author Dr. Melanie Balbach, in a statement. “Every other experimental hormonal or non-hormonal male contraceptive takes weeks to bring sperm count down or render them unable to fertilize eggs.”

The drug temporarily disables an enzyme called sAC (soluble adenylyl cyclase), which triggers the sperm cells to swim. Researchers note that sperm recovered from female mice remained incapacitated and there were no side-effects in males taking the drug. The compound wore off three hours later, with male mice recovering their fertility right after.

A single dose rendered sperm immobile for up to two-and-a-half hours, with the effects persisting in the female reproductive tract after sex. There were 52 attempts at impregnation and all failed. In contrast, one in three mice treated with a placebo that acted as a control group got their partners pregnant.

After three hours, some sperm began regaining motility, with virtually all recovering a day later. The team at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York is hailing the breakthrough as a potential “gamechanger” for preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Scientists have been trying to develop an effective male oral contraceptive for decades. Targeting testosterone has previously led to obesity, depression, and high cholesterol. Women’s choices range from pills to patches to intrauterine devices. As a result, they bear most of the burden of preventing pregnancy.

Men have just two options, condoms or a vasectomy. The former is a single-use option and prone to failure. The latter is surgical sterilization which is expensive to reverse and not always successful. It takes weeks to reverse the effects of other hormonal and non-hormonal male contraceptives in development, according to Dr. Balbach.

The new treatment wears off within hours. Men would take it only when, and as often, as needed. It could allow men to make day-to-day decisions about their fertility, the researchers explain.

“The team is already working on making sAC inhibitors better suited for use in humans,” notes co-author Professor Lonny Levin.

  • PillWillKill / VasectomyIsSafe says:

    LOL yeah and if you consider even taking this pill your a complete brainless moron!!
    Spare yourselves!! Get a Brain!!

    • ShootBlanksUnlikeBaldwin says:

      I bet you will be shooting blanks from then on in if you take those pills. Population control procedures being implicated by Biden’s Corrupt Regime.

      • ResultsInNoBallsOutcome says:

        Sounds like the perfect recipe for testostical cancer. Swallow at your own risk. A raincoat would be much safer.

  • George says:

    Boy they will make anything for the $$$. Anyone who takes this crap has to be nuts especially after seeing how they released and continue encouraging people to take that toxic jab. No thank you Cornell Medicine.

  • Rudog says:

    yeh…right….guys consider confidence very low on this one!!! lololol



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