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DeSantis’ Latest Move Fuels More 2024 Rumors

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) sparks rumors again that a potential 2024 presidential announcement is on the way.

The Florida governor will reportedly host an “intimate dinner” with some of his top donors in attendance this weekend.

According to the Washington Post, this will be the first of many invite-only events hosted by DeSantis as speculation grows that he may be gearing up to take on former President Trump for the GOP nomination.

The invitation, however, does not mention a 2024 run, saying that the dinner is an opportunity to celebrate the governor’s win with some of his “strongest supporters.”

Should DeSantis decide to run, Axios reported that he could pull out all the stops when it comes to throwing Trump under the bus regarding his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

DeSantis’ response to the Left’s fueled pandemic is more aligned with the GOP while Trump was quick to call for lockdowns early on.

Covid was also a huge factor in the Florida governor’s rise to political fame. The Left nor the Right can deny that he pulled an all-star move in keeping his state open.

“He’ll certainly make the implicit contrast with Trump. Whether he makes an explicit contrast at some point depends on how the campaign plays out,” GOP strategist Alex Conant said.

Trump also appeared on television regularly with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is widely seen as an enemy by Republicans.

“Conservatives won’t forgive him for pushing some of the more restrictive policies,” Conant said, while Brendan Buck, a former adviser to Paul Ryan said, “it’s the shutting down the economy, and I think whether fair or not, he’s associated with that era, and Ron DeSantis is one of the people who rejected that concept outright and got a lot of credit.”

Meanwhile, DeSantis is offering VIP access to his inauguration on January 3— which comes with a hefty price tag.

Big fans of the governors can pay anywhere between $50k to $1 million to be upfront and center.

  • Gio says:

    I hope he runs.this country desperately need a responsible healthy adult in charge. Joe needs to go home and enjoy his time that he has left

  • Joy Brower says:

    If DeSantis comes out and does everything but declare, the Left will focus their guns on DeSantis, and he will very likely be subject to the same vitriol and examination that Trump has been from the get-go! Right now, DeSantis is enjoying a relatively criticism-free coverage that will NOT be anywhere near our leading candidates! But right now, however, DeSantis is THE “fair-haired” boy!!

    • Cookie Bruno says:

      Believe me the LEFT and the Rhinos prefer DeSantis. The only man they fear is Donald Trump. DeSantis can be controlled and thats the reason these people are backing him including 2 big Obama donors.

      • GATOR says:

        I don’t think it’s that he can be controlled I think it’s about being anyone other than Trump, family member, business partner or ally.

  • Cookie Bruno says:

    If it wasn’t for Trump there wouldn’t be a DeSantis. He was losing big time when he ran the first time then Trump endorsed him and he still won by the skin of his teeth. Just looking at the people supporting DeSantis there’s plenty President Trump can use. 2 big Obama donors, all the Bushes, Joe Scarborough, CHris Christie and many other Rhinos. Ever wonder why they aren’t afraid of DeSantis, I know the answer to that.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    DeSantis has too many skeletons in his closet and he was far from perfect during COVID. I’m a FL resident, I know what we endured. The COVID “chart” that appeared on all of our TV screens was created by a FL resident, DeSantis liked it – she questioned the integrity of how the CDC was “labeling” deaths & positivity and voila – she gets fired & investigated – DeSantis steals her software program and runs it into the endzone for the World to see. DeSantis came onboard in FL (barely a win) in 2018, if he is so great then why did it take 9 months for most to get Unemployment Checks. Gov Rick Scott created this “new Unemployment” system during his 8 yrs and EVERY year it has been an EPIC failure – so DeSantis takes over and does ZILCH to fix it…. There were no absolute freedoms in Florida as he tries to portray. DeSantis became a hero at the END of the pandemic, but he also pushed Cruise Ships filled with passengers off and wouldn’t let them touch US soil. He can be found touting on National TV a certain brand of hand sanitizer, around the same time NY Cuomo was sitting in front of the 3M boxes and doing his media updates. BOTH men were dirty – DeSantis “suggested” hand sanitizer turns out didn’t have enough Isopropyl Alcohol to even kill an easy germ. DeSantis will be EASY to SMEAR in 2024 or whenever his ego permits him to run. He run and won simply by the fact that he was BETTER than the other 2 options – – he barely squeaked by against against Andrew Gillum, a drunk drug addict caught with his homosexual prostitute in a hotel with another dead party-goer? And FL residents already had Charlie Crist as he has been in FL politics for decades, and changes party to whatever is necessary to win whatever position is open (EASY win for DeSantis). I’m thankful I no longer live in Pittsburgh, PA when COVID was released upon us – Florida was better but he is FAR from the HERO that the US thinks he is. He just lucked out with Hurricane Ian, and thru the sweat & labor of the workers, he ordered bridges to be built in record time….. He had Trump support & backing, but he is NO Trump. He is a reactionary and reacts to situations; he doesn’t have the experience or expertise to see the future and put a plan together simultaneously while working on day-to-day issues. DeSantis waits until they become a BIG problem and then he tackles them – – Can you just imagine how many hundreds of Big Problems will arise after Biden leaves the White House? DeSantis didn’t have the smarts enough to fix/destroy/replace the Unemployment System (ranked as the lowest payout $ too) when he took office in 2019 – – even though he’s known it was a tragic MESS costing the FL taxpayers millions per year in contracts – – How did he have the Head of the Domestic Violence Shelter Programs in FL earning 7.5Million, yet she lived out of state and her contract read that she got >350 days off/per year? He doesn’t have all of the ducks in a row and FL running like a perfect State, how could he possibly handle 49 more??? Nope Nope Nope to DeSantis. It would take him an entire term to figure out who to trust and who not to and he doesn’t have the foreign leader experience nor the foresight to plan ahead…

  • Bev says:

    Rather we have supported President Trump or not, he cannot beat the Democratic machine. That has been proven, and it is time to try another way to disrupt the corruption.



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