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“Death Scientists?”: Tucker and RFK Jr. Talk Ukraine, Biolabs, and Who Killed His Uncle

RFK Jr. and Tucker Carlson sat down for a lengthy interview published on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, in which the two discuss Ukraine, bio-labs, and who killed his uncle, JFK. Carlson made clear that he wasn’t going to badger Kennedy with questions about his stance on vaccines, which the MSM has made a central focus for obvious reasons.

The interview begins by discussing the Biden administration denying RFK Jr. Secret Service protection

Despite the fact that his uncle and his father were both assassinated, the Biden administration denied SS protection

“We applied for Secret Service protection in May,” said Kennedy, adding “The President has discretion to give Secret Service protection to any candidate, for any reason.”

Kennedy noted that former President Barack Obama was given Secret Service protection more than 500 days before the election, and that his uncle Ted Kennedy received protection more than 450 days before an election.

“I think the DNC is playing hardball,” Kennedy added.

On the topic of Ukraine

(12 minutes in), Kennedy says Americans are being lied to, and were sold on a “comic book pitch, which we see in every war. There’s a bad guy who’s like, you know, unspeakably evil, who’s planning world conquest or a terrorist attack on America. And we have to be the good guys and go in and stop it.”

Kennedy then explained that “a group of people who are known as Neocons, since 2001, have been talking about putting NATO in Ukraine. Now, I’ll give you some background. In 1992 the walls came down and the Soviet Union collapsed. Gorbichev went to Tony Blair and President Bush and said ‘I’m going to withdraw 400,000 Soviet troops from East Germany. I’m going to allow you to reunify Germany under NATO troops – so you’re gonna move NATO troops, a hostile force, into our barracks and our bases – and the only commitment I want from you, is that once I allow Germany top become part of NATO, that you will never move NATO further to the East.'”

“James Baker, who was the Secretary of State at that time, famously said: ‘we promise that we will not move NATO one inch to the East.'”

“Then, in 1996, 1997, five years later, Zbigniew Brzezinski … says ‘ok, we should start moving NATO to all the former (USSR) satellite states.'”

US Biolabs in Ukraine

At around 35 minutes into the interview, Carlson and Kennedy begin discussing the US bioweapons program. Meanwhile back home, RFK Jr. said that there are “36,000 ‘death scientists’ who are now employed full time in developing microbes that can be used to kill people.”

On the topic of who killed his uncle

RFK Jr. alleged that the CIA was involved, and that most of the people at the agency had associations with Cuba.

“The specific people who were involved in it were pretty much all associated with a Miami station, which was the largest CIA station at the time. It was basically, it was the Cuban station,” said Kennedy.

“And the people who were involved in that station were people like Bill Harvey and David Atlee Phillips who was clearly involved in my uncle’s assassination. He was by all evidence, he was Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler at the CIA.”

Kennedy also says that the corporate media has been publishing “outright lies” about him.

“Right now, what it seems to me is that there’s been this alignment, this political alignment that I think really started with Fox News back, you know, when Roger was running things there where he overtly made it a political network. He ended it with the Republican Party and said we’re gonna push their agenda. And up until then, that has been considered a journalistic ethical breach. The networks were supposed to at least pretend neutrality and the newspapers as well,” he said.

“But now I think that business model works so well for Fox and again, I think MSNBC and CNN adopted the same business model and there’s been this big consolidation in the media where really there’s no independent media.”

Watch the entire interview below:

  • Alex says:

    So everyone now should understand why ;1 no secret service detail 2 ;it really the deep state that doesn’t want RFK 3 ;at this point he is like Trump , they are scared of him to expose all their crap

    • Louis says:

      I agree. However, unlike Trump, he doesn’t have the persistent tenacity, nor the ‘go for the jugular’ directive to execute on an objective. Therefore, they will keep him at bay, (as needed), and discredit him. But for the most part – they don’t consider him an actual threat.

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  • MamaD says:

    Agenda 2030….. eliminate most humans it’s their plan…. then they can have their islands…

  • annj says:

    Fauci & his comrade “death scientists” KILLED OFF a large population of the world. Why are they still around? The Survivers should prevent all Human services from ever being delivered or administered to these people & their families. No food, water, utilities, gas medical, etc. No selling to these people. MONSTERS!!!!!!!



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