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Dan Bongino Reveals Why Getting Covid Vaccinated Is ‘The Greatest Regret Of My Life’

Talk radio show host Dan Bongino confessed on Monday that “the greatest regret” of his life was his decision to get COVID vaccinated.

“It was the biggest mistake of my life,” Bongino said on his Monday broadcast. “I just should have waited.”

The political commentator and former Secret Service agent, who has recently undergone chemotherapy, admitted he initially placed too much trust in the US government.

“I thought to myself at the time…there’s no doubt this virus was created in a lab in Wuhan, China — I have little doubt about that. I figured I’d rather take my chances with something we created than something they created… because I was scared,” he explained. “My doctor told me with lymphoma and being under chemo that if I got this thing it could be ugly.”


Bongino aired a clip of Fox News host Tucker Carlson citing toxicology reports that outline the vaccine’s immunocompromising effects.

The segment was “the most troubling minute and 20 seconds I’ve had to listen to in a long time,” Bongino lamented.

“Time has now passed, we are starting to see,” he said. “I’m scared of what’s coming. I had [COVID] a little while ago and I’m afraid the repercussions of this for a lot of people have not been felt.”

During the broadcast, Carlson cites a report published by the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology that found the gene-editing shots to cause, “neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis.”

“Its looking likely that the vaccine might suppress the immune system,” Carlson notes. “We sincerely hope that’s not true. But its not just the conclusion of one scientist journal.”

The primetime host cited another report published by The Lancet in February that found “risk of infection, hospitalization, and death up to 9 months after a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.”

Bongino urged viewers to rethink what they have been told by the predator class to trust about science following the “state of emergency” that led to him making the “greatest regret of my life.”

“Folks, science is patient. Science is chronological,” he said. “Science is the repeating and replicating of data through process, through control groups. Science is the elimination of confounding variables. All these things take time. Whereas, I understand we were in an emergency situation due to COVD — no emergency situation should lead a company or a government to force people to take something, to force them to take something, that may in the long-run damage their body.”

  • scot_belle says:

    Dan, I’m so sorry that you felt that the vaxx was required. You weren’t given the correct data.
    From what I understand, many MD’s were forced to use/spew …ONLY the info from Dr. Fauci.

    I’m just a retired Medical Secretary. Even so, when… I heard that it was MRNA, with graphine, and
    spike proteins… my reaction was ….thanks, but NO thanks. All of this sent me to the published studies…about MRNA gene therapy. My research, supported my instinct to say….NO.
    The Zelenko Protocol, works.
    There’s also a Zelenko Protocol for, recovering from the vaxx.
    Source for Zelenko’s information can be found through, “WeLoveTrump”, and it’s published in the
    eNewsletter that Noah’s been sending out…. daily, for months. There’s also a tea, that’s a part of
    the…”flush”, that can help with dealing with the spike proteins, and may work on the Graphine.

    2021 MAY, my 51 y/o 2nd son, had Covid …with the added mask benefit of, Bacterial Pneumonia.
    Fortunately, his MD chose to treat the Pneumonia as priority, and that allowed for only 4 days
    in isolation, in the hospital.
    While my son was hospitalized, I acquired and started the Zelenko Protocol, plus… picked up
    my horses’, regular supply of Ivermectin paste. YES, it does work… much to Fauci’s disgust.

    At 72, in Aug 2021, I too had Covid. My bout was kept short/light, courtesy of Zelenko’s protocol.
    I didn’t buy the pre-bottled pill formula. I used his list of Vitamins/minerals, their dosages, and
    purchased at my local stores. It’s the information that is what’s needed.

    The Zinc needs to have “an enabler”. Many use Quercetin (yes, Amazon carries it), however
    there’s another that works just as well… Sambucol (aka, Elderberry) can be found in a capsule.
    This is what I’ve teamed my Zinc with. The big key is, D-3. Covid targets those with low D.

    Wishing Dan, and everyone else, the very best possible futures…..
    May God Bless everyone.

  • Cheryl Feola says:

    My husband and myself were very very concern with coming in contact with this China made virus. Our government scared us. So we got the 2 injections and 1 booster of the Maderna vaccine. Well my very healthy husband passed away June 9, 2022 what the doctors surmised as V-fibrillation. I wish that we NEVER took this untested vaccine. I feel the same as Dan Bongino does. Should have NEVER injected ourselves with this none tested vaccines, NEVER!!

  • Phil Barberg says:

    Sorry to hear of your situation. Is it wise to have surgery shortly after taking the vax? Wish you would have been taking Ivermectin. It works and has no side effects ( US Army medical study). But Big Pharma will not let the FDA approve it as an anti-virus treatment. Too much money in the vaccines.



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