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Corporate Media Is Pushing COVID Hysteria Again

Looking at the news lately, one could be forgiven for thinking it was summer 2020. All at once, the corporate media resurrected the narrative that did irrevocable damage to American civil liberties and ruined countless lives over these past four years. Be afraid — be very afraid — they say, the COVID “summer surge” has returned to kill us all.

The synchronization is startling, almost as if all the outlets are reading from the same script. The trickle of panic began last Wednesday, with The New York Times warning that COVID cases are “rising slightly.” CBS echoed this fear of a “Covid comeback,” while Politico wondered what the rise in cases “really means” and CNN spoke to an expert to find out “what you should know.” NBC asked whether the U.S. needs “to brace itself for a surge?” Even Fox News fretted over a “late summer wave.” All this within a roughly 24-hour period.

In the days that followed, state and local outlets got in on the action. New York, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, even North Carolina, Texas and many more — all had regional reports echoing the sentiment of the national press. Now, the media have accepted their own narrative. The focus is no longer on whether the surge is happening, but how afraid you should be.

Forbes touted the “highest Covid-19 test positivity levels since May 2021,” a statistic it notes near the end of the piece should be taken with a “grain of salt.” The Times spoke to “experts” to give its readers a “refresher on how to protect yourself and others.” The suggestions follow the old playbook: testing, tracking, masking and quarantine. The Hill resurrected another old trick, giving a color-coded visualization of the states to avoid at all costs. CBS offered a guide to the “best N95 masks for travel” — in case you have to go to one of the scary states.

Also this week, the media developed a fixation on Eris, the “fast-spreading new subvariant” of COVID that even Politico admits “does not appear to cause significant illness.” This has not stopped it from dominating the headlines. Virtually every corporate outlet has a piece out in the last 24 hours declaring that Eris is now the “dominant strain” in the U.S.

One might be tempted to say this is harmless coverage. Cases are objectively rising, and thus it is newsworthy. But if living with COVID is the “new normal,” as the media has long been saying, then a mere rise in cases counts — especially when not accompanied by “significant illness” — should not make the cut. The entire press establishment does not simultaneously cover seasonal flu surges every year.

There are several explanations for why the media revived its latent COVID hysteria. The most harmless explanation is that they are merely pushing clickbait. They know their readers still have some lingering fear of the virus and will voraciously consume any breaking COVID news. It’s not about COVID per se, but any story that they can sensationalize.

The most nefarious explanation is that they are actively preparing the public for a return to lockdowns and mandates. The synchronization could imply they are coordinating with government officials toward the same goal. If their readers adopt the same zealous posture as in 2020, they could once again try to bully average Americans into submission and once again transform fear, chaos and division into electoral success.

Likely, the harmless explanation holds to some extent. If they are going to survive in the increasingly decentralized media ecosystem, the legacy outlets must generate all the clicks they can get. But even if many members of the media and government wish they could go back to the halcyon days of lockdown, it would be too politically risky. With the hindsight of COVID tyranny in mind for millions of American and many of the establishment lies well debunked in the public consciousness, there is no guarantee that Americans would bend the knee again to a COVID regime.

A middle ground is much more likely. A COVID surge allows the media to lionize themselves and castigate their enemies. NPR says the quiet part out loud: a summer wave occurs annually “particularly in the South.” The media love this because it reinforces the original narrative that they will never let go.

The narrative goes like this: Blue states, with their lockdowns and mandates, handled COVID exceptionally well all along. Red states — especially the evil ones like Florida, Georgia, and Texas that opened too soon— embraced and spread the “COVID denial” that is literally killing their citizens. This allows Democrats to say that if only red states had followed their lead, they would have been much better off. This implies a moral pitfall — how can you support a politician who is responsible for killing your grandma? Their hope is that people remember this message in the voting booth.

It also furthers the original narrative on vaccines, which Democrats desperately cling to despite the revelation of their ineffectiveness. With Eris, the media and government can once again harp on the importance of getting a booster and resurrect the moral debates around vaccines. With the new push, the establishment types get to frame themselves as the good guys, the defenders of science who actually did save the country from the worst of COVID.

Meanwhile, the public is reminded that anyone who is skeptical of the booster is a very bad person. This moral standard, of course, largely breaks down along party lines. The goal is to stoke, if not hatred, then at least smug superiority and resentment toward anyone who denies the debunked establishment narratives. “Otherizing” the average person with these views serves to delegitimize any candidate who would represent their interests.

Combined, these aspects of the narrative reveal the broader picture. Continuing to push division is the best way for the establishment to shield itself from accountability for its COVID tyranny. An honest reflection on the issue would not only hurt the establishment’s electoral chances in 2024, but indict the entire liberal project of top-down social engineering.

  • Larry Bowling says:

    If we the people fall for this fake COVID scare again, then there is no stopping the democrat politicians and their lapdog media minions! Here we go again – they see Trump and the republicans as a threat to their socialist states of America dream and so they are now laying the groundwork for democrats to do all of the illegal election actions to keep republicans out of the White House.
    The closer we get to the 2024 election, then the more COVID hype the lapdog media will be pumping out to help their democrat political bosses scare republicans out of the voting booths.

  • Mark says:

    I guess I am an evil person. I did not get any of the shots and I will not get any of the shots. It is coming up on voting year again so the left lunatics have to start putting the scare back into the people that cannot think for themselves and follow their narrative like a herd of sheep. Instead of researching anything they believe everything anyone says. If you do not get the shot and you happen to get covid (which I still do not believe is a real thing any worse than the flu), your natural immunity protects you much better than the dangerous shot (so called vaccine). And if this shot is supposed to work as well as they say it does then why are they worried about somebody that did not take it.

  • Donna says:

    They can push this all they want but it’s not going to change the way I live. It didn’t affect me the first time and it sure as hell won’t this time. I got cajoled, bribed, and finally threatened with losing my job when this shit storm started so I just found another job with an employer who still believes it’s the individual’s right to make their own health care decisions. If people are naive (or stupid) enough to buy into this again, more power to you! Just don’t look at the rest of us to follow that lead because it’s not happening. I happened to see a guy in his car ALONE still wearing a mask; I about fell out of my truck laughing. You do you; go ahead and wear that deuce and get all the shots you want! You can have mine AND my husband’s. We’ll see how long any of you live.

  • John says:

    Time to take the corrupted communist fake news media demons and their fake news Democrat communist luciferian domestic terrorist treasonous and tyrannical pigs and inject them with a lab created Constitutional Patriot American version of their Democrat euthanasia communist collaborated Biden cowardly death shot & and vaccine and repeatedly booster up these fraudulently elected satan worshipers who planned & executed millions of naive corrupt government trusting innocent men ,women, & children & deceptively lied about their non-stop cover ups & fake news communist corrupted media attacks against us real non communist Americans who knew the truth , so they can hide their lying communist collaborated,Antichrist demonic agenda of their, evil ,pagan, God hating, luciferian,anti Humanity, O W.O. satanic gov cover up of their corrupted globalist demonic agenda and their luciferian end of times biblical predicted prophecies demon government will never replace God by the righteous people, according to the word Our God, whose word is truth

  • Dorothy says:

    I would not trust them. As usual, the sheep mentality will take over when they turn this into another scare tactic.

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