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Chinese Government Destroys City to Save Capital from Deadly Disaster

Officials in Beijing, China, chose to destroy a city Monday instead of letting deadly flood waters hit the capital.

Deadly flooding throughout Beijing and other parts of China has overwhelmed residents living in the capital, destroying infrastructure and washing away countless vehicles and more. On Monday, as flooding increased due to superstorm Doksuri, and the impending typhoon Khanun, officials chose to divert the onslaught of water to Zhuozhou in the neighboring Hebei Province, the BBC reported.

The town was rapidly cut off from all access to the outside world as “buildings became islands,” the outlet continued. Residents were left without electricity or access to safe drinking water. Beijing initially said that rescue efforts were being impeded by a lack of watercraft.

Footage from the region shows just how catastrophic the flooding really is.

Hebei’s Party Secretary Ni Yuefeng received mass criticism online for declaring that his jurisdiction would act as a “moat” for Beijing. “Those in power only care about their superiors. Congratulations! He’ll be promoted. But the obedient 70 million residents of Hebei will be sacrificed,” one person wrote to social media.

The party eventually sent fire department rescue teams on Wednesday. Residents reported losing absolutely everything in the deluge. “We brought nothing with us,” one woman told the BBC, holding her infant child. “We needed to just get out and keep this baby safe.”

  • Pat says:

    Sickening! But that’s how Communism works, folks!

    • C-Lei says:

      Please! Your bias is showing. That’s how all governments operate. That entire city will be restored in a matter of months at NO COST to the people. Please explain why 18 years after the fact, you can drive through New Orleans and still see blue tarped roofs everywhere, along with ignored destroyed buildings and damaged infrastructure! Even FEMA trailers still remain.

  • The people of China this is your wake up call says:

    Really CCP you don’t get it this is your KARMA divine retribution what goes around comes around!


    There Is A God!!!!!

  • Rudog says:

    yeh….chinaman kommunistas rubbin’ out their own…not new ..

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