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Chicago: 9-Year-Old Girl Executed by Neighbor for Being “Too Loud”

A nine-year-old girl in Chicago who rode a scooter in her neighborhood was executed by her neighbor Saturday night who allegedly shot her in the head for being “too loud”, according to reports. Serabi Medina, whose mother was shot and killed in Chicago five years ago, was outside with her father having just bought ice cream from a vendor when he her ordered her inside after hearing a gunshot, according to prosecutors.

The alleged gunman, Michael Goodman, 43, ran out from his building over to the building where Medina lived and followed her to the vestibule where he shot her point blank in the head. Medina’s father called out to Goodman as he stalked his daughter and raced over and tackled him, but was too late to save his daughter. Goodman was shot in the face by his own gun in the struggle with Medina’s father. Goodman is being held without bond.

Police have not released a photo or description of Goodman so far. Medina’s family has released photos of her.

Excerpt from WFLD-TV report on Tuesday’s bail hearing for Goodman:

As Serabi got close to the front door of her apartment, Goodman came out of his apartment building across the street holding a gun. A nearby witness alerted others to Goodman who they saw crossing the street with a gun in his hand, approaching Serabi, prosecutors said.

Michael Medina shouted at Goodman but he was ignored. Goodman followed Serabi to the vestibule of her building where he pulled out a gun and shot her in the head, per the court documents.

“When he raised the gun up, Mike seen him and said, ‘that’s my daughter!’ Mike starts moving towards him, he walks up to her and shoots her right in the head,” said Rene Aquino, eyewitness and friend of Serabi’s father.

Michael Medina tackled Goodman into the vestibule and the gun went off again, striking Goodman in the eye, prosecutors said.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Goodman had complained to Michael Medina about the children in the neighborhood being too loud, according to witnesses (excerpt):

Neighbors say Goodman had complained of kids being too loud before and confronted Serabi’s father about the noise before the attack.

“Yesterday, when he came out, before he shot her, he had said something about them being too loud,” neighbor and family friend Megan Kelley said Sunday.

The noise wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, just sounds of kids playing, but Goodman was especially irritated, Kelley said.

“It just didn’t make sense. None of it made sense,” Kelley said. “Everybody in the community would just tell him they are just kids having fun playing, just let them be.”

…James, another neighbor who brought sunflowers and stuffed animals, described Serabi as “Daddy’s little girl.”

Serabi “was always riding around out here back and forth,” said James, who asked that his last name not be used. “She didn’t deserve to go.”

Medina’s mother, Miranda Blanca, 29, also died from a gunshot wound to the head in 2018.

WGN-TV report:

  • Guglielmo Chicilini XII. ( Marquise of Savoy and Piedmont) says:

    Sadly, extending compassion and mercy to mad dog killers doesn’t work. At least let their deaths serve to project a message to the mindless rabble that only understand and obey via the whip, the Knott, the cudgel, fire and the rope. Their executions need to be public ( and televised) …..and done with a beheading..,.,via guillotine or headsman……..for this is quick, humane….but still conveys a message that will terrorize those contemplating their own mayhem via murder.

  • An eye for an eye says:

    This piece of garbage needs a firing squad for all to see killing no an innocent child because she was playing is beyond despicable but unfortunately this is high crime city Chicago this piece of vermin will be let go cause the criminal is always Fred here and the victims pay the price human waste even in this leftist hellhole needs to be eliminated maybe if he even goes to prison someone with a sense of justice for this little girl will make him sorry! Scum deserve no better!

  • Laurie says:

    Shit-cago is nothing but a criminal-infested hell-hole. You couldn’t pay me enough to live there. The poor little girl, may she RIP.

  • Phoenix says:

    Chicago residents VOTE FOR THIS VIOLENCE every election. They will never learn.



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