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CDC Admits Scary Truths About Vaccine

Nearly a year after the government forced Americans to receive a vaccine in order to live a normal life, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is back tracking what they originally said about the jab.

First reported by the Epoch Times, the CDC is finally admitting that it gave false information about the Wuhan Coronavirus vaccine.

The CDC has been caught with blood on their hands.

They wrongfully said it conducted a certain type of analysis of the vaccine over one year before the CDC actually did.

A spokesperson for the CDC said that they are revising several Information of Freedom Acts (FOIA) and issuing corrections for information it previously claimed was being observed “by the most intense safety monitoring efforts in U.S. history.”

Take for instance myocarditis. For several months report after report was released about an athlete dropping dead on the court or field after suffering chest pains.

Heart problems such as heart inflammation is a known life-threatening side effect of the Covid vaccine, a fact mainstream media so blatantly ignored.

In July, the Epoch Times submitted a FOIA to the CDC to obtain reports of a study that showed post-vaccination heart inflammation.

However, the CDC said that their team did not conduct any reports through October 2021, admitting that “an association between myocarditis and mRNA COVID-19 vaccination was not known at that time.”

By now it is apparent that the CDC withheld information to prevent vaccine hesitancy. The White House played along with their games as well. Mr. “the vaccine will prevent you from getting Covid” Joe Biden, first claimed that all you need is the first shot. Then that quickly turned into two shots then a follow up booster and then another booster. And now the CDC is preparing for another round of infections this winter saying people need another shot to protect themselves.

The madness won’t end, not as long as Democrats have control of Washington.

It will take decades to find out the truth about the vaccine’s long-term side effects and why the left was so worried about pushing it on the country without proper studies being done.

  • Mrs B says:

    It was the largest clinical trial in history, and those death shots should have been banned. And parents who subjected their children to it don’t deserve to have kids. As senior citizens, we have never had Covid, and never took the shots. And we don’t wear those useless face diapers.

  • Sue s says:

    I believe Fauci caused this… from the virus development to the outbreak and he knew there was an mRNA vaccine that had been in the works for years but couldn’t pass trials. Then he told Trump it would take 5 years for a vaccine and he knew Trump with his competitive personality would push to get it done faster. And that’s how they got this dangerous shot through. Trump was manipulated. Now that the dangers of the vaccine are becoming more mainstream, it’s time to end all mandates and give people who lost their jobs for refusing to get the shot their jobs back with back pay! And our government needs to be held accountable for colluding with social media having them censor opposing viewpoints and alternate treatments.

  • John says:

    The vaccinated people in America who resisted this American Communist lab invented bio virus and vaccine genocidal Democrat pushed shot, are smarter than any a-hole in government and should be replacing the morons that are still in there stealing our tax money for trying to wipe out Humanity purposely with an Democrat communist N.W.O. agenda

  • AB says:

    F@$k the jab and FJB



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