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BLM Activist Charged with Fraud, Misuse of $500,000 in Donations

Tyree Conyers-Page, actor and self-proclaimed “world’s sexiest albino” who gained prominence as a Black Lives Matter activist, now finds himself embroiled in controversy as he faces accusations of fraud and misappropriation of funds totaling $500,000.

Page, known for a role in the TV show “American Horror Story,” has been charged with wire fraud and two counts of money laundering, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

The allegations stem from a GoFundMe campaign initiated by Page in 2020 under the banner of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta.

The campaign successfully raised half a million dollars from over 1,000 donors, purportedly to support initiatives related to racial justice in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

However, Page is accused of exploiting the tragedy and using the funds to sustain a “lavish lifestyle” rather than furthering the cause for which they were intended.

Page’s defense attorney argues that a portion of the money was allocated towards the creation of a community or “battered women’s shelter.”

But testimony from an FBI agent revealed that funds from the charity account were diverted to cover expenses at restaurants and retailers, with over $100,000 allegedly spent on a residential property, per Daily Mail.

Despite the prosecution’s claims, Page’s legal team maintains that the house was not utilized for personal use.

This latest scandal adds to a string of controversies involving Black Lives Matter activists who have been accused of misappropriating funds following the widespread protests and riots of 2020.

In 2022, it was revealed that co-founders of the movement had diverted millions of dollars towards the purchase of an extravagant mansion in Southern California, sparking outrage from activists who donated money under the impression it would go towards beneficial causes.

  • rcp5 says:

    SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are many more out there doing the same thing. There is no better way to become self supporting. Unfortunately, there are many fund raising issues that are valid. The problem is, there are many maggots/slime bags that will take advantage of it for personal gains.

  • Trish says:

    I can’t believe anyone donated to blm these days – or ever. Name one black person (othe than their own board members) they ever helped.

  • jjofaz says:

    Take a look at Fani Willis and that Wade character. They fleeced the government of close to $700,000 before the trial even started. If there is one thing the Blacks know how to do, it is playing politicians and their followers for fools. There is also Bragg and James looking to rape Trump financially. Do we see a pattern with the educated Black population such as Willis, Wade, Bragg & James. What did Trump ever do to them?



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