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BLEXIT/TPUSA Event Event Canceled Over ‘Hate Speech,’ ‘Homophobia’

Turning Point USA’s BLEXIT was forced to secure a new location for their Liberation Tour event after their original venue, the Music Hall of Williamsburg, canceled the rental agreement, citing “hate speech and “homophobia.”

The Music Hall of Williamsburg canceled the rental contract just days before the event — featuring Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, and other speakers — was set to take place.

The venue condemned BLEXIT in a statement, remarking “It has become abundantly clear to us that in actuality this organization provides a platform for hate speech and homophobia, which The Bowery Presents will not tolerate, and we have canceled their rental contract.”

“This event will not take place in our venue,” the statement concluded.

BLEXIT shot back in a statement of its own, asserting, “The Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York has caved to the woke mob and disallowed BLEXIT and Turning Point USA to use their venue for an upcoming ‘Liberation Tour’ event this Saturday.”

“Publicly, they claim their decision is about making a stand against ‘hate speech.’ They are liars,” the statement contends before going on to say, “Privately the venue claimed their staff were getting doxxed, that protests were planned, and that they feared for their safety.” The statement added, “this is disgraceful, cowardly behavior.”

Turning Point USA Founder and CEO Charlie Kirk clarified, “Our event will go on AS PLANNED at a new venue. We will not let the radical left terrorize us and win. We’ll see you in NYC tomorrow.”

“I’m shocked that the Music Hall of Williamsburg, despite claiming to value diverse voices, would cancel a group primarily composed of Black Americans, simply because we have differing perspectives on how Black people should think,” Director of BLEXIT Pierre Wilson remarked in a statement.

He went on to say, “Cancelling this event is the real example of hate and intolerance. We welcome all people at BLEXIT. This action represents a troubling example of cancel culture at its worst.”

  • HeckWithTheLeft says:

    Go buy all the tickets to their future events at this hall. Then, three days before the event, demand refunds on all the tickets. Hurt them where it counts!

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    Democrats never build anything but sh*tholes.

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