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Biden to Extend Covid Public Health Emergency

The Biden regime is set to prolong the Covid-19 public health emergency once again through the spring of 2023, according to CNBC citing a Biden administration official.

In August, the government measures enhancing access to health coverage, vaccines, and treatments were extended by the Biden regime beyond the midterm elections.

With the proposed extension, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would keep the mandate in effect until the November midterm elections and possibly into early 2023.

The HHS has continually extended the public-health emergency since its implementation in January 2020.

“Covid is not over. The pandemic is not over,” one senior Biden official said. “It doesn’t make sense to lift this [declaration] given what we’re seeing on the ground in terms of cases.”

The declaration allows the US to grant emergency authorizations for drugs, vaccines, and other medical countermeasures.

On Friday, the Biden regime decided to extend the COVID public health emergency again until at least April, as public health officials are preparing for another Covid surge this winter.

CNBC reported:

The U.S. is extending the Covid public health emergency through the spring of 2023, a Biden administration official said on Friday.

The decision to extend emergency comes as public health officials are expecting another Covid surge this winter as people gather more indoors where the virus spreads easier. The future also remains uncertain as more immune evasive omicron subvariants become dominant in the U.S. HHS did not send that notice out on Friday, the deadline, which means the emergency has been extended through the spring, the administration official said. How the U.S. fares against Covid this fall and winter will help determine whether the emergency needs to be renewed again moving forward, Becerra told reporters in October.

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