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Biden to End Familial DNA Testing at Border, Key Deterrent to Fraud and Child Trafficking

The Biden administration is ending a Trump-era plan designed to crack down on fake claims of family relationships among illegal immigrants crossing America’s southern border.

The policy will end May 31, according to a leaked memo published by Just the News.

“The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) familial DNA contract with BODE Technologies will end on May 31, 2023 and all familial DNA testing will conclude on that date,” the memo said.

In 2019, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan told the Senate Judiciary Committee that, based on initial results of one pilot program, 15 percent of alleged migrant families are committing fraud by claiming unrelated children as their own, according to The Hill.

At that time, he said illegal immigrants and smugglers believe “a child is a passport to migration in the United States.”

As such, what he called “child recycling rings” exist, including one in which the same eight children were used to help bring in 36 adults. He also cited the case of a 51-year-old man who paid $80 to rent a six-month-old child so he could cross and remain.

A 2019 report in the Washington Examiner estimated that the fraud figure was closer to 30 percent.

In May 2019, the Associated Press reported that more than 1,000 cases of fraud related to false claims had been reported in the fiscal year that began in October 2018.

By 2021, when the Biden administration took over, DNA tests remained in use, but at a far lower level, according to the Washington Examiner.

In an excerpt from his book, “Overrun,” published on the website of the Center for Immigration Security, Todd Bensman said that the DNA testing worked, quoting Monica Maple, a retired official in charge of the San Antonio office of ICE Homeland Security Investigations.

“People who were told they were going to go through the machine were just breaking as they were waiting to give their swab. It was, ‘Oh yeah, that’s not my daughter; it’s my niece. It’s my cousin or some other story,” she said.

She said smugglers would broker a deal with a family to give a child to a stranger when they crossed the border.

“Parents who agreed to do this could have most or all of their huge smuggling fees waived to bring the whole family over,” Bensman wrote, citing Maple.

“It’s a new low for humanity that you would give your child away like this to a stranger,” she said. “I’d hate to see something happen to that child after the handoff occurs. They are with somebody who is not their parent. What if fake mom or fake dad needed to make medical decisions for the child? It’s just not right; the person who is supposed to be protecting them is not there.”

In his excerpt, Bensman said he asked Maple for her reaction that the aggressive DNA testing imposed. The Trump administration was being rolled back under Biden.

“Horror. Horror. Horror. Horror,” she said, he wrote.

  • TD says:

    This guy is a loser criminal, I hope he gets impeached with just enough time to go so Harris don’t have enough time to do anything and screw things up worse than Biden

  • fukliberals says:


  • Arthur Kelly says:

    Gotta wonder why slowjoe is in the basement, just who is down there with him, hmm? Smell that hair joe…. Make it legal while you can.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Somebody better check the 2023-24 Budget, as now doubt that DNA testing was already budgeted for at $100 per (or whatever) and Mega Millions were set aside for this testing…when it doesn’t get done; who’s pocket will those funds end up in – – and this is how they STEAL from US taxpayers. They put normal, routine items in the Fiscal Year Budget, something that is ordinary – then someone (a NGO company that is contracted to do such services) meanwhile Hunter Biden or a family member of someone in the Democratic Party bills for these tests = and they’ll never be done. This is another reason why we need the Check N Balances restored in America, not 86,000 IRS agents to check us.

  • ButTheyLove EachOtherJoey says:

    Ask yourself, How many women and children has our Ice-Cream Eater in Chief condemned to their death today? How many fentanyl deaths is he responsible for?

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