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Biden Official Placed on Leave, Has Office Raided After ‘Security Incident’

This is not a good look for the Biden administration.

DHS official Brian Sulc, executive director of the Transnational Organized Crime Mission Center at DHS’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, had his office searched and was escorted out of the building Monday.

His office was sealed with police tape and evidence seals were put around the keyholes.

Sulc is under investigation for allegedly taking a personal electronic device into a secured office – this is a violation of security protocols.

Sulc was responsible for assessments on some of the top matters at the department.

The Washington Examiner reported:

An intelligence official working for the Department of Homeland Security reportedly had his office searched and was escorted from the workplace on Monday.

The report says that Sulc was responsible for assessments for some of the top matters the department handles, including border security and the opioid epidemic.

The Rolling Stone report also says that Sulc was escorted from his office once law enforcement arrived and was brought to a different part of the DHS complex to be questioned. Sulc’s office was reportedly sealed with police tape, and evidence seals were put around the and on the door’s keyhole. The incident wherein Sulc was taken away from his office happened after 4 p.m. on Monday.

DHS has now confirmed this.

Sulc has been placed on administrative leave.

He has not been charged or arrested.

Fox News reported:

The spokesperson also told Fox News Digital that Sulc was placed on administrative leave as part of the ongoing investigation, per standard procedure.

Additionally, the spokesperson said the actions taken by the Federal Protective Service (FPS) were not related to the ongoing internal inquiry.

Sulc has neither been arrested nor charged. FPS raided Sulc’s office at 4:15 p.m. on Monday, covered his office with tape and placed evidence seals on the door and keyhole to his office.

  • Vernon Messer says:

    “He is a big deal,” a source with direct knowledge of the incident told Rolling Stone. “He does the border, all the big issues and crises.” Sulc brought an electronic device into a DHS office where these devices are prohibited. More than likely, Sulc has been compromised by big money illegal labor and drug syndicates that operate in the US….or he has been compromised by China with big money. Today, good character & ethics are in very short supply in this Federal government.

  • mandm says:

    We are just getting this information? It takes a week or more for this kind of info? and Yet, if it is Donald Trump, they have it televised and spread all over the networks in live video. Strange how that works? Ya think?

  • Not Taking It says:

    When will Americans wake up to see we have a soft core Marxist regime in the White House that includes a puppet president?

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