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Biden Awkwardly Leaves MSNBC Interview Live on Air

President Biden couldn’t wait til the commercial break to flee the set of a live televised interview with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace.

Biden granted the liberal host a rare live sit-down on Thursday, which was largely focused on his reaction to the Supreme Court’s historic decision to strike down affirmative action.

After nearly 20 minutes of softball questions, Biden got up from his chair and took the scenic route off the MSNBC set, walking behind Wallace as she teased analysis of her interview to viewers.

The moment quickly went viral.

“WHAT ON EARTH IS JOE BIDEN DOING? It’s live TV!” conservative strategist Steve Guest exclaimed.

“YOU sit in the chair, YOU smile at the pretty lady, YOU stay until we come get you,” Substack writer Jim Treacher quipped.

“The Biden Presidency in one clip,” former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wrote.

“Bathroom run?” Media Research Center associated editor Nicholas Fondacaro wondered.

Not much was discussed during MSNBC’s live interview with the president, who spent much of the time explaining what he meant by the comment he made earlier in the day knocking the conservative-leaning Supreme Court as not “normal.”

Wallace, who couldn’t refrain from expressing her absolute giddiness towards Biden, asked other not-so-tough-hitting questions like whether the Supreme Court should be reformed, why former President Donald Trump hasn’t been prosecuted for his role in the Jan. 6 riot, and what the late Sen. John McCain would think of the modern day Republican Party.

What wasn’t addressed was the growing scandal plaguing the president’s son Hunter Biden, who just pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor tax violations and entered a pretrial diversion agreement regarding the felony gun registration charge. He’s also facing explosive allegations made by IRS whisleblowers about the DOJ’s alleged mishandling of its investigation.

  • kronik says:

    clearly this was staged for election time propaganda. POTATUS, is a mook. he does what he’s told. clearly Obama spoke through Biden’s ear-piece, ” get up and leave ” …

  • Sicsam says:

    One more example of why shithead Biden is not coherent to follow even easy question, much less concentrate…he had no idea what he was doing, where he was nor him answering. This is clear evidence that he is NOT able to lead America. IMPEACH! IMPEACH!

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