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“B**ch You Dead’: Woman Caught on Tape Brutally Killing Terrified Young Mother

Shocking footage captured the moment a vile woman brutally murdered a young mother in a downtown Seattle alley.

As KIRO News reported, 33-year-old Rickesha Overton overpowered her victim, 20-year-old Alisia DeCoteau and forced her down the stairs of the 3rd floor of the Ellis Court Apartments and into the alley where DeCoteau drew her last breath.

The violent murder occurred on March 3, just after 1 A.M.. However, a journalist named Jonathan Choe leaked video footage of the crime just yesterday.

The video shows Overton forcing a terrified and screaming DeCoteau down a flight of stairs with a gun to her head. While marching down the stairs, Overton tells DeCoteau, “I’ll blow your mouth! Say I won’t! Say I won’t!”

Overton then opens the door and shoves her sobbing victim into the alley before going back inside for a few seconds. Once Overton returns, she yells at DeCoteau before shooting her twice at close range, including once in the head.


Overton next tries to unload even more bullets but cannot do so. Police detectives say she ran out of ammunition.

The deranged woman then starts kicking a lifeless DeCoteau several times while screaming, “B**ch you dead, B**ch you dead!” But Overton, for some reason, begins to think her victim is still alive and exclaims that she is still breathing.

A crowd from the alleyway then starts screaming at her in the background. Overton tells the nearby crowd, “That b**ch is crazy; she tried to kill me!”

Overton is about to return inside before the crowd screams at her again. She turns around and rushes toward them with her gun while screaming obscenities.

The video footage ends with Overton once again screaming and pointing her gun at the crowd, yelling, “I’ll blow your mother f**king brains out!”

KIRO 7 News notes this is not the first time Overton allegedly attacked DeCoteau. Police revealed they were called to the same apartment building on January 1 at roughly 2:35 p.m. and arrested Overton for assaulting DeCoteau.

While court documents did not describe the relationship between Overton and DeCoteau, family members confirmed to KIRO 7 News the two were friends on Facebook.

Overton is charged with first-degree murder and second-degree assault. Her bail has been set at $5,000,000.

DeCoteau leaves behind a one-year-old daughter, Mariah, who is now being cared for by her older sister, Jessica Ceja.

  • Chuck says:

    If this wasn’t leaked the mainstream media would never present it. Black crimes exist and usually aren’t told. Results of racial hatred spread by Democrats and leftist. God bless the victim and their family

  • suzie says:

    wonder why racism exists? This shit right here. Fking TRASH Human.

  • Sherri Hostuttler says:

    she will plead insanity and get off free!



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