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Alex Stein Assaulted By Far-Left Activists at ‘Child Trans Rally’ in San Francisco

Far-left lunatics and activists in favor of “trans children” attacked comedian Alex Stein in San Francisco on Saturday. Stein was filming on the street during the rally. Leftists in attendance purported to be advocating for “gender affirming care” which, in reality, is far-left speak for drugging children with puberty blockers and performing child sex changes.

The event was called “Youth Demonstration for Trans Rights” and was publicized on Eventbrite.

In footages from the event, Stein can be seen posing questions to the “progressives” in the crowd such as “What rights do you not have?” and asking them how they are “protecting kids” by cutting off their genitals.

Stein tweeted: “Even tho I was assaulted with Hot Coffee…I still had a blast today at the Child Trans Rally in San Francisco with my buddy @RealJohnDennis” aling with footage of the multiple assaults.

Stein was joined on the street by John Dennis, Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party. Dennis has been an outspoken critic of “gender affirming care” and he tweeted: “@alexstein99 and I were the only two people there standing against mutilating children. Who will stand with us next time?”

Dennis went on to say: “It was a pleasure to roll with the great @alexstein99. Prime Time has guts! We need more like him.”

The Post Millennial reached out to Stein who said: “It was a youth trans rally in opposition of legislation happening in conservative states that are implementing anti gender reassignment surgery and hormones for minors.

“I tried to have a normal dialogue and I was immediately attacked. I have a lot more footage that I am going to post but it was absolutely wild and the San Francisco police department saw it all but I still wouldn’t want anyone to get arrested because I truly have empathy for these very confused people that want to transition children.”

“I’m okay but getting hit with hot coffee was very unpleasant” Stein added.

Far-left child sex change enthusiasts have become increasingly aggresive in recent years, often aided by Antifa. At a recent Detransition Awareness event in Sacremento featuring Chloe Cole, Antifa members attacked a journalist as well as an another man, Daily Signal contributor Tim Kennedy, leaving him with a bloody face.

Meanwhile, people have begun to start to speak out against the rainbow agenda, with numerous NHL players refusing to wear the NHL-endorsed Pride jerseys during warmups.

  • John says:

    This is exactly what our Second Amendment and first amendment was made for, this is when to leave them bleeding or dying in the gutter where they belong, since the Democratic communist Party condones and antagonize these urine soaked socialist to murder anyone they can’t force to agree with them, or who is american patriot, or loves God our creator and Country, is a Democrat get out of jail free open Target, our mission is to leave a trail of bodies to show them what you will do to protect the gifts that were given to us by our God, Constitution, and forefathers, when these demons start losing their life for attacking conservatives and Christian people, watch the luciferian government step in and give them more protection and Power to attack so you are threatened if you fight back, because these demons are the ones Behind These mentally ill, dirty, urine soaked socialist losers they call Democrat voters, as long as they give them demons Free stuff these entitlement demons will sell their soul for an Obama Muslim cell phone , if they’re willing to take your life, never leave your house without a weapon and be prepared to use it, if you’re not get trained in it a knife is an effective tool and can bleed a Democrat groomed criminal demon out in 90 seconds, if you know where to cut, these demons are vile satanic criminals and they need to be forcibly stopped, Because deep down their cowards, but they only do these things cuz they’re protected by a corrupted America hating anti-white communist sexual perverted Democrat Party, to purposely and continually release these file scumbag privileged woke dope criminals without any prosecution or jail time, the fascist Democrat luciferian Party is the real demons behind these violent minions Thug monkeys.

  • ernestfifty says:

    just like sodom and gomorrah , queers were going rampant .

  • Auntie Vyris says:

    It’s hard to believe there are millions of people who want to chop off Johnny’s boy parts. I guess this is what we get for kicking God out of the government schools.

  • Chris says:

    If i could Id go out and rally peacefully, untill they get unpeacefull. All these rallys should be recorded.



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