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Alabama Mass Shooting: 4 Dead, 20 Injured at Teenager’s Birthday Party

A mass shooting at a teenager’s birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama, Saturday evening left at least four dead and reportedly more than 20 injured.

At approximately 11:45 p.m., Special Agents with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s (ALEA) State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) launched a death investigation at the request of the Dadeville Police Chief, according to a press release obtained by Fox News.

“The investigation is a result of a shooting which occurred at approximately 10:34 p.m. near the 200 Block of Broadnax Street in Dadeville, located in Tallapoosa County. Currently, there have been four confirmed fatalities and multiple injuries,” ALEA said.

“The following agencies responded to the scene and are currently assisting with the investigation: The Dadeville Police Department, Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Office, Bureau of Alcohol, the Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the 5 Circuit District Attorney’s Office. Nothing further is available as the investigation is ongoing.”

Local officials gave few details about the incident at their initial press conference besides confirming the shooting unfolded at a birthday party.

The White House told Fox News that President Biden has been briefed on the shooting in Dadeville.

“The White House is closely monitoring and has been in touch with local officials and law enforcement to offer support,” the statement added.

“This morning, I grieve with the people of Dadeville and my fellow Alabamians. Violent crime has NO place in our state, and we are staying closely updated by law enforcement as details emerge,” Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, tweeted Sunday morning.

Officials have not revealed the exact number of surviving victims, but a photo taken by a witness showed the bodies of at least six teenagers on the ground, according to BNO News.

According to the outlet, a witness at the scene said the total number of victims was higher than six, including multiple people who died at the scene. The witness observed white sheets covering the bodies.

A photo posted to Twitter shows multiple families gathered outside a local hospital following the incident.

Susan Foy, the Chief Marketing Director of Russell Medical Center in Alexander City, located about 18 miles from Dadeville, called the incident a “horrific tragedy.”

She confirmed to Fox News the hospital treated multiple victims and released them. Several victims with gunshot wounds have had to be transferred to other hospitals to better tend to their specific wounds/injuries. Of the victims treated at the medical center, she had no word on any fatalities. Foy would not get into ages of victims or a specific number. The hospital is a small, rural facility with just 81 beds. It’s not rare to transfer patients to other facilities that have access to more specialists.

Fox News Digital also has reached out to the Dadeville Police Department and the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Office for comment.

Officials have not said if any arrests have been made in connection with the shooting.

  • txtootall says:

    Mass shootings always escalate when Dems are in power!! They use these incidents to create fear in the sheeple to try and destroy our God given rights for the safety of the herd!

  • Damyu Abe Lincoln says:

    Could these teens have been…oh, I don’t know, black? Just a wild guess.

  • Nunya says:

    Who is the shooter???????

  • John says:

    Where’s all the black racist Democrat communist Antichrist politicians wanting to Ban all blacks from assembling in public because this happens every time blacks assemble in a group, because of democrat communist indoctrination & mentally & satanically ill groomed & oppressed, educationally denied subservient race of special Democrat entitled,fake victim groomed and indoctrinated Voters, is the Democrat demonic party not Banning these assemblies using their fascist indoctrinated non-arresting police to protect their lives by not letting them Assemble they were in civilly and lawfully educated to constitutional law but instead we’re programmed and indoctrinated for Mystic and precious behaviors all these poor innocent rioting looting raping and killing blacks are simply Democrat victims it’s like there luciferian Democrat Party

  • bill says:

    here again, we have the current administration witnessing their destruction of OUR COUNTRY by giving criminals free reign to do whatever they want and have absolutely NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Giving criminals more rights than law abiding citizens have is totally rediculous and just more proof that demonrats have no business in the dealing with the wellness of OUR COUNTRY,



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