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A CNN Host Decided to Ask a GOP Rep About Hunter Biden. It Was a Poor Decision.

Oddly, Hunter Biden got threaded into an interview about UFOs. And yet, here we are, and it’s not shocking that this segment occurred on CNN. To set this up, David Grusch, an Air Force intelligence officer with 14 years of experience, revealed what fictional FBI Agents Scully and Mulder could have only dreamed: evidence of UFOs and possibly intelligent life.

According to CBS News, the alien testimony involved Mr. Grusch alleging that the military tried to reverse engineer some of the technology reportedly recovered at crash sites. He was denied access to these sensitive projects when he requested more information and accused the military of misallocating funds to keep these operations from the reach of congressional oversight.

CNN’s Sara Sidner invited Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) to discuss this congressional testimony, which later pivoted to Hunter Biden, where Sidner tried to sell the narrative that there’s no proof that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The congressman aptly notes the FBI’s FD-1023 report, which states that Joe and Hunter received $5 million each from Burisma in 2015-16 and that there’s a record of the bribes and audio recordings of the phone calls.

Sidner was adamant that no evidence exists, which led to Burchett stating that CNN is a biased, left-wing media operation. Sidner was unhappy with that remark, saying the congressman didn’t know her politics. She works for CNN; it’s not a Rubik’s cube, lady. Burchett circled back, adding that she could say that, but no one believes her, which is true.

She quickly ended the interview. Whether it was time to end the segment or she wanted to avoid being brutalized on national television for hilariously exposing the bias that permeates the walls of the news network is up for you to decide.

I’m more stunned that the evidence of UFOs was seen as something to go on. In contrast, an FBI report, two IRS whistleblowers, and a tranche of incriminating evidence against Hunter and Joe Biden are viewed as unverifiable. Burchett added that the Steele Dossier was unverified and debunked but viewed as gospel by the liberal media. This document launched the Russian collusion hoax against Donald Trump.

Also, I guess Sidner missed Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) unintentionally blowing up the Biden defense on this front, where his line of inquiry led to the admission that Joe was involved with these dealings into the congressional record.

And let’s not forget Devon Archer, a former Hunter Biden associate, who will testify that Joe would often chime in on his son’s negotiations by phone.

Then again, this network couldn’t check a time stamp on an email that nuked one of many Trump-Russia “bombshells.”

  • Michael says:

    With President TRUMP just mentioning his name was proof enough of any crime. With Hunter there is no proof good enough to even investigate. Mainstream media is just following their guidelines..

    • Auntie Vyris® says:

      When I lied as a kid, I would get in serious trouble. If I were a Dem politician or “journalist” I would get a promotion or special opportunities if I lied.

  • Iwa says:

    I love Mr. Grusch respond.!!!!!!! He made great comparison of chasing Trump for “Russian collusion” without proof and Hunter Biden corruption that with very clear evidence.



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