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A Certain Type of Garlic Kills Covid, New Research Suggests

Scientists at Australia’s Doherty Institute announced a type of garlic grown in the country contains antiviral properties that give it a 99.9% efficacy rate against COVID-19 and the common flu.

While clinical trials are still needed, the crop contains cells that would combat SARS-CoV-2 and influenza A from within the digestive system, according to the Doherty Institute.

The crop was discovered in Victoria, Australia, after 18 months of study.

The current research, which is being commissioned by the Australian Garlic Producers (AGP) organization, is currently exploring ways to manufacture a product to take advantage of the properties.

Patients would be instructed to consume the garlic oil extract in a pill similar to fish oil or vitamin C supplements.

“We wanted to know if these strains had the possibility of killing COVID-19” Dr. Julie McAuley, manager of the Doherty’s high containment facility COVID-19 research lab said.

“I thought it might fail miserably. We blindly tested over 20 varieties. We found one of AGP’s products could reduce the infectious titre of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza by 3-log-fold (99.9 per cent). We barely detected any remaining virus genome, indicating nearly complete virucidal activity.”

Dr. McAuley also said there were tests done across many different sites to ensure that factors such as environment, nutrients, and water were not an issue.

Some experts have questioned the recent discovery regarding the efficacy of garlic in preventing disease. Australian National University infectious disease expert Professor Peter Collignon wrote in a tweet that garlic was falsely believed to have cured HIV 40 years ago.

Despite the criticism, AGP CEO Nick Diamantopoulos said the results proved the long-held belief that garlic in general had superfood qualities and his belief that “not all garlic is created equal”. Future studies will test specific garlic varieties believed to have cholesterol-lowering properties, according to the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • txtootall says:

    It smells so bad, even a virus won’t get close. J/K Garlic is a great plant. Big Pharma will squash any attempts to use this since they and the pols can’t make any graft from it.

  • Slim says:

    If this is an answer then why was the variety not named in this article. I call BS on the author of this article. Throw a dog a bone then snatch it back ???

  • Rudog says:

    yeh….already knew that….and kills lotsa flu stuff…blood thinner…most veggies with potent taste….healthiest….!!!

  • Randie says:

    Been taking something for years, as a Dietary Supplement, not approved by FDA Yea.
    When people get sick, they try it because the medical community isn’t helping them.

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