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6 Shot and 3 Dead After Mass Shooting in DC Suburb

A mass shooting at a private residence in an otherwise quiet neighborhood in Annapolis, Maryland, on Sunday left at least three people dead and three others injured.

Annapolis police Chief Ed Jackson said the shooting took place in the 1000 block of Paddington Place in the state’s capital city amid an exchange of gunfire, adding that a suspect is in custody.

After initial reports said at least one person died, police later said at least three have died. While the conditions of the surviving victims are not known, police said one person was flown to a trauma center.

There is no further threat to the public, Annapolis police said at the scene and online.

Several police cars were seen in the area where the shooting happened, which is south of the city’s center near the waterfront.

“My message to the community is this wasn’t a random act of violence,” Chief Jackson told reporters at the scene. The police chief also said a “person of interest” was in custody and a weapon was seized from the shooting, The Baltimore Sun reported.

State Sen. Sarah Elfreth commented on the shooting in a Facebook post, calling the incident “a tragedy beyond words.”

“Our community experienced a tragedy beyond words this evening,” she wrote. “Multiple fatalities and injuries are reported. A suspect is in custody and police are communicating that there is no broader threat to the public. Please keep the family and the first responders of the Annapolis Police Department & Annapolis Fire Department in your thoughts tonight.”

People in the area told DC News Now that there was a graduation party happening nearby. It is not clear if the shooting was related to the event.

  • Sam says:

    I’m guessing all those liberal gun control laws did nothing to stop the shooters. No doubt the knee jerk reaction will be more gun control laws. Liberals have yet to learn that people obeying their laws are the targets. More laws mean more targets. It will end when the last liberal law abiding citizen is dead. Po po can’t protect you. By the time he/she gets there, it’s already over. Self defense has become a staple in America – and liberals want to strip it from you. Liberal laws fail. Every time. Remember that at election time.

  • Dave says:

    Nothing in my local paper, which means it doesn’t do anything to advance the liberal’s and mainstream media’s agenda. The story “above the fold” in my local paper is about “Pride and Rainbows” with a large photo. Nothing about a shooting that left 3 dead and multiple people wounded, so it must not involve a white person where the press can speculate that it was a white supremacist and Biden can continue to lie to the American people about the biggest threat to America is white people (who don’t agree with the Democrats), not the left, who resort to violence when they don’t get their way.

  • Boycotter says:

    Some more of that savage on savage crime I bet. There’s got to be a hard working white guy somewhere that’s responsible for this

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